Mumbai: St John College campus celebrates Annual Day

Mumbai: St John College campus celebrates Annual Day

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Mumbai, January 28th: ​​“I was so impressed with all the reports from the school. When we heard about Palghar in Mumbai, a college that was being founded there, we were very skeptical. But as I look around today, you’ve gone beyond us. Astonishing. Congratulations. I am really impressed. I’ve seen the building and the surroundings, I want to go back and tell my friends in the Senate academic circle to go and see the wonder out here. Amazing, back to what I said, “Are you bored? Some of you might be very uncomfortable. Was it boring father? No. What I’m trying to convey is that boredom is good for education. When we’re bored, Let’s move on. We.” “Don’t keep playing the same game. Once we’ve mastered it, we move on to something else. And I’m saying that. Boredom is good for us. Ask the educators out here, they’ll tell you that if you know that It is you The lectures will be dry knowing that they have worked hard to simplify them to make them more attractive to you.And therefore, my dear students, wa You will not get bored sometimes.Don’t do the same . Be curious. I’m not saying stay bored. I’m saying stay curious. That breeds creativity. That’s the first point I want to stay curious about. Ask questions and question the answers you’re given. The second point, “What I want to address is appreciation. Please appreciate the educators out here. Please appreciate the awards you receive,” said Bandra Fr Magi Murzello, Principal and Trustee of St Andrew’s Educational Cam whoops

The Aldel Education Trust, originally run by Udupi, Pangla (Shankarpura) Albert W. D’Souza and P. Murzello, was the featured guest at St. John College’s annual event, which took place on the campus of St. John’s on Friday evening Institute of Engineering College at Manor Veruru, Palghar District, suburb of Palghar District.

Albert W D’Souza, Chairman of the Aldel Education Trust of St John College of Engineering and Management, St John Institute of Pharmacy and Research, St John College of Humanities and Sciences, St John Junior College, St John Polytechnic and all Faculties from KG to PG. Balasaheb Patil (IPS), Superintendent of Palghar District Police, Trust Secretary Elvina D’Souza, Trustee Aldridge D’Souza, SJCEM Director Dr. Gopal V Mulagunda, SJI Pharmacy Director Dr. Savita Tauro, Director of SJ Humanity, Dr. Brajabandhu Das and SJ Junior College Principal Suchita Garath sat on the podium.

Balasaheb said, “Every day of the year, every college supports our children’s talents. I saw the college progress in the annual report. Every department in the college is making progress. On this campus you study for 3-4 years, but the friends you come here, they will be with you for life. Whoever is with you now will be there to the last. This campus itself provides the best environment in which all children will shine in the future. Here you get all kinds of culture, discipline and build yourself self-confident youth. From this college, students will have choices on campus, but in the future they will also choose in every corner. Students who left their home to stay in the hostel are really in a safe place. This is where we will keep a complaint box on campus. If problems arise, you can throw your complaint in the box so management can give you more reassurance.”

Aldel Education Trust Chairman Albert W. D’Souza welcomed the guests, parents and students.

The deputy campus director Dr. Pandarinath Ghonge, Institute Human Resources Advisor Vidyadhar Patil, Campus Director General Satish Shetty, Human Resources Manager Sudhir Babu were present, Suchita Garath, Dr. Brijabandhu Das, Dr. Savita Tauro and Dr. Gopal V. Mulagunda presented the annual achievements of their respective departments.

The guests congratulated and honored the rank winners and deserving students of St. John College at the national, state and district levels. The winners of the competition were honored with souvenirs and certificates.

The guests of honor were the Chairman of Shivas Academy, Dr. Shivaram K. Bhandari, the CEO of Shivas, Dr. Vinod Chopra, Treasurer of SM Shetty Educational Institute, Powai, CA. Jagdish B. Shetty, and businessman Anand Castellino. Zone International (CBSE) Principal Veena Montero, Aldel High School Principal Sr. Gracie Mathias, Campus Manager Cornelius Pereira, teachers, non-teaching staff and students from various departments of the institution were present and honored.

Students like Maurice Fonseca, Shona D’Souza, Jessica James introduced the guests. Melroy Crasta and Purva Malla moderated the program. Welcomed Omkar Chavan. The program ended with the national anthem.

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