Billie Eilish announces world tour, hitting 3 Canadian cities

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Singer-songwriter superstar Billie Eilish is launching a massive concert tour — with both good and bad news for her Quebec fans.

The Grammy-winning musician will kick off her upcoming tour in Quebec City on Sept. 29 in support of her soon-to-released album Hit Me Hard and Soft

But despite moving on to Toronto with shows on both Oct. 1 and 2, Eilish does not have any concerts scheduled for Quebec’s most populous city, Montreal. 

After her upcoming dates in Toronto, the singer will move on to the United States, before returning to Vancouver on Dec. 3. From there, her tour will continue on to Australia and Europe for the summer of 2025.

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Eilish’s last tour, Happier Than Ever, saw planned dates in both Toronto and Montreal cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, though Eilish did return to Montreal in late 2023 for the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival.

The news arrived via Instagram, where Eilish shared album artwork showing the pop singer floating in a body of water after being ejected from a door. In the caption, she wrote that she will not drop singles in advance of the release.

“I wanna give it to you all at once,” she captioned the image. “I truly could not be more proud of this album.”

Eilish worked with her brother and longtime collaborator, Finneas, on Hit Me Hard and Soft. The pair recently took home their second Oscar for their big Barbie ballad What Was I Made For? In doing so, Eilish, 22, became the youngest person to have won two career Oscars.

Her new album will release on May 17, while tickets for the upcoming concert will go on sale May 3 on Ticketmaster. 


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