Still no answers in year-old murder of Maple Ridge realtor

Still no answers in year-old murder of Maple Ridge realtor

Friday, January 27 marks the first anniversary of the murder of a Maple Ridge realtor.

Ramina Shah, 32, was stabbed multiple times at 4:30 p.m. in a Coquitlam Parkade on the 1100 block of Austin Avenue. She was found and taken to a nearby hospital, but succumbed to her injuries.

Her mother, Gilda Shirazi, has expressed her pain to the media at not knowing who killed her daughter or why. She has asked that everyone come forward with information.

Police said at the time her killing appeared to be isolated and not accidental.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) said there was no news available on the case at this time.

“IHIT remains dedicated to the investigation into the murder of Ramina Shah. As this is an active and ongoing investigation, I am unable to provide file updates at this time,” said Sgt. Timotheus Pierotti.

“Our investigators continue to work hard to bring justice to Ramina’s family and ensure those responsible for this tragedy are held accountable.”

A post on social media shows the victim may have known she was in danger. In the weeks leading up to her death, Shah posted on one of her Instagram accounts:

“Be careful when it comes to revenge. Negative energy is a powerful force and the more you put out into the world, the more comes back to you. If you feel like you’ve done something wrong, the best thing you can do is just take that energy and focus it on improving yourself,” read the post.

“Because in the end you only hurt yourself if you try to hurt others. And what a waste of energy. You could have used that for something positive in your life. I don’t wish anything bad on anyone. Even the ones trying to hurt me.”

A civil forfeiture case was opened against her and her ex-husband Bobby Shah, also known as Bahman Djebelibak, by police in 2018, but was dropped in 2021 after a judge found their search was excessive and their charter rights violated.

Police obtained a search warrant to gather evidence from their Maple Ridge home and a business they owned in Port Coquitlam, but Djebelibak’s attorney argued they had no basis for confiscating most of the home and business contents.

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A gofundme set up after Shah’s assassination raised nearly $30,000 for a memorial fund and to support her three children, aged two, four and five, when they lost their mother.

“Everyone who met her fell in love immediately,” the online site reads. “She was full of life, had a smile that brightened up any room and a laugh that got rid of all your problems. She always stood up for what was right and never shied away from a fight. She has been a leading example as a parent and it has been shown that her children love her more than anything in the world.

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Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the IHIT Information Line at 1-877-551-IHIT (4448) or email [email protected]

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