Mount Vernon man gunned down in Greene County, Mississippi

Mount Vernon man gunned down in Greene County, Mississippi

GREENE COUNTY, MS. (WALA) – A Mount Vernon man was gunned down in Mississippi last week while visiting his girlfriend.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office said the victim, 22-year-old Logan Wainwright, was ambushed.

MPs say Wainwright was shot multiple times while sitting in his car.

They say the shooter, Michael Anthony Holder, is recovering in hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Investigators say it could be weeks before Holder is released from the hospital.

According to Chief Deputy Brad Warrick, it all started when Holder went to his ex-wife’s home to not only shoot and kill Wainwright, but kill himself as well.

“It was basically a love affair or whatever on his part, and I think that’s how it went,” Warrick said.

Representatives were called to a home on Old Highway 63 on Saturday. The caller said a man could be dead.

When lawmakers got there, they found Wainwright in the front seat of his Dodge Challenger, shot multiple times.

“The man was deceased and had multiple gunshot wounds,” Deputy Warrick said. “Several shots were fired inside the vehicle. I counted 27, 28 shots through the hood and windshield of the vehicle.”

According to investigators, Holder’s ex-wife lives in the house where the shooting took place.

Deputy Warrick says Holder hid and waited for Wainwright and his girlfriend to pull up together to confront her with a loaded gun.

“They stopped in the courtyard, got out of the vehicle, it came out of their house, which was not their home. It was her home after the divorce,” Warrick explained. “And she confronted him and he started shooting. She ran into the woods.”

Deputy Warrick says that Holder also got into a gun battle with the neighbor during the shooting. The homeowner’s stepfather.

“Her father, actually her stepfather, heard the shots and came down with his gun. Apparently he also took fire from Mr. Holder. He returned some fire. We still believe the gunshot wound was self-inflicted,” he said.

Wainwright, a Mount Vernon native, was a former youth coach at Citronelle.

His funeral is scheduled for next Tuesday. The family is asking that all donations go to the Freemans funeral home in Citronelle.

Deputy Warrick says Holder is in stable condition, heavily sedated, at a hospital in Jackson.

The murder warrant will be signed as soon as he is released.

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