B.C. MMA fighter finds new calling as a treasure hunter

B.C. MMA fighter finds new calling as a treasure hunter

Kru Williams has been in martial arts for most of his life and has competed in all types of contact sports, from Muay Thai to mixed martial arts.

“I grew up an angry kid. Martial arts helped me center myself,” Williams told Global’s This is BC.

But he also found something else that fascinates him: Treasures. It started as a teenager when an uncle told him about a BC legend.

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“He took up the challenge of a lost gold mine out there. And I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.”

This fascination earned Williams a spot on a team chasing long-lost gold on the History Channel television series The Curse of the Dead. And now the champion fighter has become a full-fledged modern prospector.

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“As soon as they start showing up, you get chunks, flakes and nuggets and you see why people are crazy about getting gold,” Williams explained.

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But it has become so much more. Williams is on the lookout for anything of value or significance: minerals, gems, even historical artifacts. He has developed into a true treasure hunter.

“I went to Sechelt Beach just for fun and did metal detection,” laughed Williams.

Along the way, he learns a lot more about BC history and sees parts of the province he never dreamed of.

“I’ve been on every terrain BC has to offer. From mountain tops to literally under water. For me it’s like, where not I go next?” Williams said

Back at his Port Moody gym, Williams is also teaching new generations.

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“I coach groups of fighters and watch them get belts and win championships,” Williams said.

But there’s a second calling that now demands his attention as well, and a boundless spirit of adventure.

“I can go anywhere, live anywhere, look anywhere for anything,” Williams said.

“The kid in me, the inner Peter Pan, wants to keep going. Now I want to spend the rest of my life treasure hunting.”

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