15 years before parole sought for B.C. man who killed three family members – BC

15 years before parole sought for B.C. man who killed three family members – BC

Prosecutors and defense attorneys for a Langley, BC man responsible for the killing of three people, including his mother and brother, have jointly proposed that he be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 15 years.

Kia Ebrahimian pleaded guilty in October to second-degree murder in the June 2020 killings of his 23-year-old brother Befrin Ebrahimian, his 50-year-old mother Tatiana Bazyar, and their partner Francesco Zangrilli at the age of 46. Bodies were found by rescue workers working on reacted to a house fire.

The offenses carry an automatic life sentence, but parole eligibility can vary from 10 to 25 years.

But Ebrahimian will have to wait the weekend before learning of his fate after BC Supreme Court Justice Murray Blok delayed his decision until Monday and said he has yet to receive any applications from the Crown, a psychiatric evaluation or a prejudice report .

During Friday’s hearing, Ebrahimian sat in the prisoner’s box in a red sweatshirt and listened to the proceedings but did not speak.

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Memorial to one of three dead found following a house fire in Langley

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The Langley man pleads guilty to the family’s triple murder in 2020

In an emotional statement about the impact of the victim, Befrin’s friend Kiko Kung described how she tried unsuccessfully to reach her boyfriend on the day of the murder and when she arrived to find the house half burned down.

“Since he passed my life has been turned upside down and I feel like a part of me is missing,” she said through tears. “When I met Befrin, I finally felt safe in being myself… With him, I didn’t have to pretend to be someone else.”

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Victim of possible triple homicide Langley fire laid to rest

A childhood friend of Befrin also made an impact statement, describing him as kind, loving, and brave.

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“I’m so thankful that Befrin had Kiko. He was allowed to experience true love,” Anna Whiteman said in court.

“No long time will be able to erase the sadness we will all live with for the rest of our lives.”

Creepy and brutal murders

Crown Prosecutor Michael Fortino told the hearing that a feud with his brother Befrin, who was transgender, escalated when Ebrahimian moved back into his mother’s home in 2020.

Ebrahimian had anti-trans views, had threatened Befrin and argued with his parents about being asked to move out of the house while Befrin was allowed to stay, Fortino told the court.

Days before the killings, Zangrilli and Bazyar had stayed home from work, concerned that Ebrahimian might hurt his brother.

However, Crown was told there was insufficient evidence to establish the case beyond doubt that the murder was a hate crime motivated by Befrin being transgender.

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Fortino said Zangrilli called Langley RCMP around 5:30 p.m. on the day of the murders and was heard him say, “I’m sorry, Kia! Enough enough!”

He then murdered the trio in “terrifying and brutal circumstances,” motivated by “anger and resentment,” Fortino said.

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Murder allegations related to the triple murder in Langley

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Langley man accused of killing siblings, mother and her boyfriend in house fire

Zangrilli died from 15 sharp injuries, while Befrin died from 27 sharp injuries, the court heard.

After killing the family, Ebrahimian got gas from the garage and set fire to the house before retiring to his own bedroom, the court heard.

Three neighbors rescued him with a ladder, and when they asked him if anyone else was in the house, he said no.

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Fortino also told the court Ebrahimian was “not honest” with police, telling investigators he heard a bang at the house and saw smoke when he went to check, but returned to his bedroom.

RCMP found two knives, one bloodstained, hidden under his clothing while he was held in custody, the court heard.

Crown told the court that Ebrahimian was reportedly acting rationally at the time of the murders.

The court also heard that he had a long history of mental health issues, including depression, and was subsequently diagnosed with schizophrenia and will require ongoing psychiatric treatment.

Ebrahimian has attempted suicide more than once since the murders.

Defense attorney Donna Turko agreed with Crown’s summary of the facts, adding that Ebrahimian wrote an apology but will not read it in court due to his mental health.

“When you have a mental illness, blaming it is very inappropriate,” she said, adding that Ebrahimian feels terrible about what happened.

“He lives in a very painful existence.”

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