Ljubicic joins the FFT as Director of the “Ambition 2024” mission

Ljubicic joins the FFT as Director of the “Ambition 2024” mission

FFT hopes Ivan Ljubicic, former world No. 3 and Roger Federer’s ex-coach, can help them change their line-up and culture. The Croatian has been appointed director of ‘Ambition 2024’, a new project set to focus on the upcoming Paris Olympics.

According to the press release. Gilles Moretton and his team hope Ljubicic will bring his experience and winning mentality to the FFT.

“His approach to tennis, focused on performance in every moment and down to the last detail, is driven by the winning culture we want to instill in our French hopefuls – all without ever breaking away from the core human values ​​that the Association shares,” explained the FFT President.

Gilles Moretton, 2021
Gilles Moretton, 2021 – © FFT

In a first step, Ljubicic will be given a three-month observation period

Ljubicic will work with Nicolas Escudé, Paul-Henri Mathieu and Pauline Parmentier to monitor the Over-14 talent path. From Monaco, Ljubicic will embark on a three-month tour of French tennis to see for himself the areas where it is most important to make some changes.

“I am very excited to join the French Tennis Federation, one of the federations in the world that devotes the most resources to developing the potential of its young people. France has a very rich and promising pool of talent and I apply my experience to this new challenge with full commitment and a strong desire to share the values ​​that forge champions,” Ljubicic was quoted as saying in the FFT press release.

The Croatian also gave an interview to L’Equipe newspaper on Tuesday, in which he explains that he still doesn’t understand why, despite the FFT resources they draw on, French players keep fighting – which he considers an “interesting challenge”.

“I feel like there are many areas where I can help with my approach to the game and my mentality. I will try to make it clear to young people that they can really do it, that they can be ambitious, that they can aim high. That feeling may have been lost in France in the last 10 to 15 years.

“It’s a bit like Real Madrid haven’t won for a long time. In a way, that’s how I started with Roger (Federer), who hadn’t won a Grand Slam title in four years. It’s kind of the same feeling I have. There is so much potential in France, where so many young people are playing good tennis.”

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