Holiday season stories by qathet region students: Grade 6

Holiday season stories by qathet region students: Grade 6

A Christmas Adventure, Cory and the No Christmas Nebula, Christmas Morning, An Elf’s Perspective

A Christmas adventure

Molly Hillier, class 6
Ecole Cote du Soleil

“Ahhhh!” Sophie cried as the world blurred around her. She had fallen out of her bed and was now falling through the sky in a very cold place.

She turned to get a better look at her surroundings: big mountains, colored lights and snow. A lot of snow.

She looked at the ground, which was getting closer, until BANG! She hit it. The snow cushioned her fall, so she was fine.

She walked to a sign where she had fallen. “Christmas Town,” she read out loud. If it really was Christmas Town, then where were the workshop and the elves? Ohhh and Santa Claus!

She got up so quickly that she stumbled forward and was almost planted face down in the snow. Maybe someone here like an elf!

“Hello?” she called into the frosty air. “Anyone there?”

Sophie heard hurrying nearby.

“Please come out, I need help.”

Then, to her surprise, a little elf stepped out of a bush.

“Don’t tell Santa I was out here, he told me to stay near the workshop but I can’t help but walk around.”

“Oh, could you take me there? I want to see Santa Claus.” Sophie asked.

“Well…okay. Don’t tell Santa I was out here. Take my hand.”

She did. Then he tapped his nose and they appeared right in front of Santa!

“Ohhh Santa I didn’t have time to write a letter so I’m asking now. I want a…” then she woke up on the floor of her bedroom.

Cory and the No Christmas Fog

Menat’they Blaney, class 6
Ecole Cote du Soleil

Did you know that one planet in the No Christmas Nebula hates Christmas so much that it’s illegal to say Christmas?

I’m going to tell the story of an alien named Cory who traveled all the way to earth just to see what Christmas was like.

When Cory was on a planet called Desboot on Christmas Eve, he asked his mother if he could celebrate Christmas, but his mother got really mad because it was illegal to say “Christmas” on Desboot, so Cory came up with a plan to try to party. He wanted to go to Earth to celebrate Christmas, but there was a little problem, he didn’t have a spaceship.

When the whole town was asleep, he walked all the way to the only spaceport in his town and waited for the guards to go home. When the spaceport closed, he sneaked through the window and stole the spaceship. It was easy for him because his father taught him before he went into the clone wars.

He missed his dad, but that didn’t matter now, the only thing that mattered was that he could celebrate Christmas. He came to earth and landed, but when he tried to party with a random family, they thought he was a monster, and so did the rest of the neighbors.

So he went back to Desboot, but he realized he had skipped 40 years when traversing galaxies, so his mother was already 400 years old.

The end.

christmas morning

Pearson Coburn, Class 6
West View Elementary School

“Yes…it’s Christmas morning, hurry, tell everyone to get up,” I said to my entire family.

I was so happy until I saw the clock. It’s only 6:15 am.

My parents said go to bed, so I did. I woke up to my brother yelling, “It’s time to open presents.”

At this point I was running so fast that I felt like Flash by the time I reached the tree. I saw so many presents and my parents were waiting on the couch.

First I opened my stocking, there was so much candy in it, then I went straight to the presents. I took all the gifts with my name on them and gave my parents theirs and before I knew it they were all gone and I wish I had taken my time.

But then at least I can play with all my toys and eat my sweets and sit by the fire with my family and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. Then I looked at the plate of cookies and milk with some carrots that were for Santa and the reindeer and it was all gone and there was a letter from Santa saying thank you for the cookies and the milk and the the reindeer loved carrots.

An elf perspective

Taylor Campbell, Class 6
West View Elementary School

Hi! My name is Candy Cane and I’m an elf! Here’s my perspective on the holidays!

First I start with all my elf buddies in the workshop, we work day and night wrapping and creating gifts to send to kids all over the world (if they are on the nice list).

On November 30th at 12:00 we elves all travel to our favorite child. While they sleep we hide in an easy place so they can find us in the morning!

As the days go by I like to add a little twist by gradually hiding in more difficult spots to make it more fun! The month goes by quickly when I’m having fun, but today is Christmas Eve! Which means I have to go TONIGHT!

I really wish I could say goodbye to them, I mean this is URGENT! I only saw them in the morning when they were looking for me.


After about six hours I hear the door open.

Wow, you sound excited, well tomorrow is Christmas so I’m not surprised. They said goodbye. At 12:00 at night (again) I travel back. Sometimes I see Santa Claus on the way, so I drive back.

When I finally get to the North Pole, I run to the workshop to tell my elf buddies about my vacation away from the North Pole!

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