CCC Marks 50th Anniversary of Canada-Bahrain Diplomatic

CCC Marks 50th Anniversary of Canada-Bahrain Diplomatic

OTTAWA, Feb. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Canada has had positive relations with Bahrain since February 2, 1973, and bilateral relations cover a wide range of security, trade and investment issues. Defense ties between the two nations are particularly strong as Canadian Forces personnel serve as part of Combined Task Force 150, a Bahrain-based multinational coalition responsible for naval maritime security and counter-terrorism in the Horn of Africa region is being deployed to Bahrain.

Canada has several commercial interests in Bahrain, including investments in aerospace, food production and telecommunications. CCC trade experts recently met with SE Dr. Shaikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Secretary of State for Political Affairs at the Minister for Foreign Affairs. dr Al Khalifa conveyed that clean technologies are a priority for Bahrain, particularly wastewater treatment, hydrogen technologies, desalination, carbon capture and energy efficiency. He further stressed that Bahrain’s government has committed to reducing the country’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2060.

“CCC looks forward to continued dialogue with the Kingdom of Bahrain to advance economic and trade opportunities,” said Kim Douglas, vice president, business development and marketing, CCC.

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In 2021, bilateral trade in goods between Canada and Bahrain was US$275.8 million, of which US$217.6 million was exports and US$58.2 million was imports. Bahrain is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council and offers exciting opportunities for Canadian companies. Bahrain’s economy has grown over the past 10 years, in part due to its favorable economic policies, with a positive long-term outlook.



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