Canada comes up with a new strategy to enshackle the global south

Canada comes up with a new strategy to enshackle the global south

The African continent is enormously filled with resources, but none of these gifts from Mother Earth have been used by Africans for themselves. Because Western powers like the United States and the European Union have complete control over most natural resources.

On the other hand, governments are influenced by money and aid from China, the US and other Western puppets. Russia is the military master here. In the midst of this chaos, a person dreams of enslaving the global south.

Justin Trudeau, our own Queen, plans to enter Africa, but with poor planning and execution.

According to a CBC media report, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is proposing a move away from humanitarian aid and towards subsidizing infrastructure projects in underdeveloped countries.

Last week, PM Trudeau, in an interview with the Canadian Press, stressed, “My conversations with the Global South are a lot less about humanitarian development and a lot more about how you can make investments in renewable energy will it take the next 20 years?”

He also added, “These talks are shifting, but we will continue to have a very strong presence in investments in the Global South.”

When that happens, Trudeau will make a remarkable shift in policy making. Since 2015, since taking office, the Liberals have kept a promise that Canada will increase international development aid every year.”

As part of this, the Liberals had earmarked $6.6 billion in annual aid before the COVID-19 pandemic. They increased that goal to over $8 billion, mostly for programs related to combating the effects of COVID-19, and this year also to help Ukraine.

change in tone

Now the Liberals want to make a significant shift and move closer to the Global South, with Africa being the most vulnerable region and where Trudeau is most likely to try his luck.

You see, Trudeau has been trying his best to set foot on the African continent for the past few months. Just a month ago, Trudeau met with the Chair of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, who was visiting Canada at Trudeau’s invitation for the first high-level dialogue between Canada and the African Union Commission.

At the same time, Trudeau also began his brief visit to Africa via Tunisia as part of what his Secretary of State, Melanie Joly, described as “a struggle for power on the continent between democratic and authoritarian states.”

“The fact is, there is a battle for influence going on all over the world, and one of the battlefields is definitely Africa,” were Melanie Joly’s terse words to glorify Trudeau’s visit.

Well, the Prime Minister of Canada, and indeed every government around the world, knows that attracting the African population is easy. Only African governments understand the true motive behind the so-called “subsidies for infrastructure projects” while people behave like sheep in a flock and even easily embrace a few bucks.

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True motto – regain the lost face

Liberals are keen to change their policies because they believe Africa can do the job if they want to be internationally and geopolitically sound.

But is it that simple? Absolutely not.

Africa is now a hotbed of activity, with players like the US, China and Russia leaving no stone unturned to win the hearts and minds of government and people. In such chaos, Trudeau dreams of entering Africa.

Furthermore, it would be naïve for the Trudeau administration to challenge China with investments here, because we all know that Trudeau lacks the courage to bludgeon the masters of Beijing. While he is undoubtedly incapable of challenging the US and Russia alone.

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Therefore, either of two things could happen. Either Master Xi and his apprentice Trudeau will work together in Africa to challenge Russia and the United States. Or Trudeau gets beat up by all three at the same time. Entering Africa based on superficial preconceived notions without proper planning is a mistake Trudeau appears to be making. He will once again ridicule Canadians on a world stage when that happens.

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