N.S. high-risk sex offender banished to U.S. for 5 years

N.S. high-risk sex offender banished to U.S. for 5 years

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect the number of years Allen Desrosiers was banned from Canada.

A high-risk sex offender who pursued a woman in Nova Scotia has been banned from Canada for five years.

Allen Desrosiers, an American-Canadian national accused of stalking a woman in the Yarmouth area on two separate occasions, appeared in Shelburne Provincial Court on Wednesday, where he pleaded guilty to criminal molestation.

Judge Jim Burrill noted that exiling someone to another country is “extremely exceptional”.

He said he could not find a similar case where a Canadian citizen was expelled from the country.

“While it is important to protect society from the commission of criminal offences, it is also important that we as a Canadian court are not generally seen as giving our members of society to another section of society in violation of the law.” or force another country to take care of and deal with their criminal behavior,” Burrill said.

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Desrosiers was sentenced to three years of probation, during which he must leave Canada and cannot return without the court’s permission. He was also placed on a two-year peace bond that comes into effect at the end of his three-year probation, further preventing him from re-entering the country.

Desrosiers had previously been convicted of sex offenses in the United States.

He served a 23-year sentence in 2019 for crimes including kidnapping, rape, assault and assault. His victims were located in Massachusetts and all were women between the ages of 16 and 47.

On December 14, the RCMP issued a layoff notice that Desrosiers had been living in Yarmouth County since August.

Two days later, police announced that he had been charged with criminal harassment following two stalking incidents in October and December.

Desrosiers was charged with criminal harassment in December. Nova Scotia RCMP

Burrill noted, “While the defendant can be described as a serial rapist from the United States … the only crime he committed in Canada is the crime for which I am convicting him today.”

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Crown counsel and Desrosiers made a joint recommendation for the sentencing terms, with Desrosier’s counsel arguing that he had no ties to Canada other than that it was the place where his mother was born.

Desrosiers himself told the judge he had no intention of returning to Canada.

“I have spoken to an attorney and it would be my wish to return to the United States,” the defendant said.

He said he doesn’t have an address in the US, but does have an “agreement” with an animal shelter in Boston, Mass.

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Burrill accepted the joint recommendation, noting that Desrosiers had spent most of his 64-year life in the United States and would have better access to support and rehabilitation there.

“In this case, I am now convinced that a return to the United States offers the best hope for any type of rehabilitation,” the judge said, adding that Desrosiers has also been followed by corrections in the States and is a reportable sex offender in this jurisdiction.

“That hope of rehabilitation also offers some protection to the citizens of Canada because if there is a chance he will return, there is hope that he will return rehabilitated and less dangerous than he is today.”

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As part of Desrosiers’ conditions, he cannot:

return to Canada during the period of the injunction unless permitted by the court; apply for a Canadian passport; Have contact with women unless they are peace officers or facilitate travel.

He must also notify the court of any name and address changes.

The RCMP said shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday that Desrosiers had left Canada.

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