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Although the DWP’s direct has ended there are still payments being made to households across the UK this year to help with the financial challenges of daily life, and now another local council has announced how residents can claim up to £865 of support.

The was renewed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for 2024-25 in the latest Spring Budget.

The scheme, which is run collaboratively between the DWP and local councils, sees a pot of cash given to local authorities across the UK which is then distributed by each one as they see fit.

In its announcement, the Government explains how the HSF works for 2024.

It said: “£421m has been made available to County Councils and Unitary Authorities in England to support those most in need with the cost of essentials via the Household Support Fund.

DWP is providing funding to County Councils and Unitary Authorities under section 31 of the Local Government Act 2003, to administer The Fund and provide assistance to households most in need.

“Authorities have discretion on exactly how this funding is used within the scope set out in this guidance and the accompanying Grant Determination.”

Coventry City Council has unveiled its version of the Household Support Fund which is open to applications from Tuesday April 30 until September 30 2024.

It says: “Households who find themselves in financial difficulty can apply for a range of support; this includes households who have previously been ineligible following receipt of a Cost-of-Living Payment.

“There will be a set amount of funds available each month, when that amount is reached, we will have to close the online application form until the next month starts.”

The authority explains that the fund can be used to pay for a range of expenses including energy bills, food, essential items like fridges and ovens, toiletries and household repairs.

For gas, electricity or water bill support, the authority is making £140 available for families (or £120 for childless couples or single people), which can be applied for up to three times between April and September for a total of £420 maximum.

On top of that, households can claim a £25 shopping voucher, and clothing and bedding support up to a maximum of £95 per adult and £60 per child, though this is capped at £400 per household.

Finally, a voucher for toiletries can be claimed up to the value of £20.

Taken all together, it makes a maximum available of £820 cash and £45 of vouchers, for £865 support in total.

This is specifically Coventry’s scheme but every local authority in the UK is being given money from government for the Household Support Fund. Many councils will be announcing details of their schemes this week, so get in touch with your local authority to find out exactly what your local council is making available.


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