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During Elvis Presley’s 20 years living at Graceland, the star was not short of eccentric habits inside his Memphis playground.

This was especially so in moments of enthusiasm and emotion, often involving a gun.

Yet aside from firing bullets at TVs and toilets, The King also caused some damage with his karate moves, alongside a near miss involving a samurai sword.

Elvis was first introduced to karate during his US army service, which took place in West Germany during the late 1950s.

The martial art became a lifelong obsession for The King, who would become an eighth-degree Black Belt.

In fact, his famous jumpsuits were based on his karate gi and the star would demonstrate his moves during live concerts. Aside from training at the local Dojo in Memphis, Elvis would also show off his skills to guests in the space by his front door at Graceland.

Express.co.uk previously took part in a virtual live tour of Graceland, with archivist Angie Marchese welcoming fans through the front door of the Memphis mansion. During the live stream, she highlighted how this was the door The King first walked through in 1957 and brought his daughter Lisa Marie through after her birth in 1968.

Angie shared: “If Elvis was here he’d probably welcome you by doing a karate demonstration here in the hallway.” It was at this point that she pointed out the hidden damage left behind by the star around 50 years ago.

Angie then pointed out the chandelier above as you enter through the front door of Graceland. The archivist said: “As a matter of fact, you might take a look at the chandelier and notice that it is missing one of its links. And that was because Elvis accidentally caught it with a karate demonstration one day, accidentally hitting the link here. Boys will be boys sometimes!”


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