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It’s no surprise that holidays can be extremely expensive, especially with the rising cost of living in full force.

Because of this, any small savings you can make are always welcome.

One way to avoid extra spending is by flying with hand luggage only, instead of investing in a checked bag.

These can often pile on more than £100 per person, which for many, simply isn’t feasible.

However, by utilising a few simple hacks, you can still take everything you need away with you in your hand luggage bag.

That’s according to Charlie Cooke, bag specialist from Fairfax & Favor, who has highlighted some tips for those guilty of always over-packing.

If you are someone who struggles to efficiently have everything stored and packed to airport specifications, Charlie’s advice could come in handy, reports the Daily Record.

Here’s everything to keep in mind for your next trip.

Check your sizing

Nobody wants to feel the worry of having to fit their bag into the cabin bag checker, especially in front of an audience. You should check ahead of your flight what the rules are for carry-on bags.

Most airlines allow a small bag and charge extra for slightly larger, carry-on suitcases.

The size requirements can vary from airline to airline so it’s best to know in advance so you can choose a suitable bag ahead of time and avoid extra charges.

Keep devices at the top

If you’re planning to take a laptop or hairdryer on your trip, remember to pack them in an easily accessible place in your bag for when you go through airport security.

Keep electronic items loose and near the zip of your bag for quick access. Wrap wires tightly around each device to prevent them from tangling with other items and making them harder to remove from your bag.

Consider investing in packing cubes

While it’s beneficial to have a bag with compartments, packing cubes can help organise larger items more efficiently in your hand luggage.

This will make life easier when you arrive at your destination and need to find specific clothing or items.

You can organise clothing by item type or by day of wear, depending on what suits your plans best. There are many options for packing cubes, offering a range of different sizes and styles suitable for cosmetics, clothing and other items.

Segregating bulkier items in a cube also makes it easier to access your loose items packed alongside them.

Rolling your clothes 

The smaller you can roll your clothing, the more space you’ll have to pack more items. If you need to bring several items of clothing in your hand luggage, aim for lightweight pieces which will be smaller to pack.

To roll each clothing item efficiently, lay it out flat on a surface, fold the bottom two inches in on itself and roll as tightly as you can. For bigger items you may want to fold in half first to roll these more efficiently.

Keep valuables close

When travelling abroad there is always a risk of stored items going missing. Whilst these may be able to be claimed on insurance, there may be sentimental items that are too precious to lose.

It’s recommended to always store your valuables in your hand luggage, such as jewellery, purses or watches.

You are more likely to keep track of your hand luggage as it will always be on your person and you can rest assured your valuables are close by as you travel.


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