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There are hundreds of thousands of people living with the condition across the UK and another 80 are diagnosed every day.

But what people with epilepsy might not know is that there is financial support available from the government if you’re living with the condition.

The DWP hands out a benefit called Personal Independence Payments or PIP to those who are eligible to claim it which is worth up to £9,583.60 per year, or £184.30 per week.

The benefit is made up of two parts – a daily living rate and a mobility rate, either of which can be standard level or enhanced.

PIP payments are for anyone with ‘a long term’ physical or mental health condition or disability, or those with difficulty carrying out everyday tasks or getting around because of their condition.

Daily living refers to things like preparing food, eating and drinking, washing or using the toilet as well as managing money and dressing.

Mobility refers to physically moving around and leaving your house. One in 107 people in the UK have epilepsy, with 80 people being diagnosed every day.

Many are left feeling scared, confused and alone. Charity Epilepsy Action helps get support for people affected by epilepsy and has been in touch to make clear that PIP is one of the benefits those with epilepsy could get, depending on an assessment by the DWP.

Although there has been much noise in the news this week about PIP being changed or replaced with a voucher scheme, the benefit is still very much in place as normal for the 2024-2025 tax year.

Currently, the Standard rate for daily living is £68.10 per week (up by £4.55 a week to £72.65)

The Enhanced rate for daily living is £101.75 per week (up by £6.80 a week to £108.55)

The Standard rate for mobility is £26.90 per week (up by £1.80 a week to £28.70)

And the Enhanced rate for mobility is £71.00 per week (up by £4.75 a year to £75.75)


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