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Ms Williams worked as a secondary school teacher for 12 years but she gave this up as she suffered from severe migraines, leaving with a small penison pot of around £3,000 a year.

She has worked several temporary jobs since ending her teaching career and and so was not able to join a workplace pension scheme.

She set up her own pension and tried to put away £50 a month but often she wasn’t able to do this given her living costs.

Aside from her teacher’s pension, she has just £10,000 in total pension pots. But she earns enough that she can’t claim Pension Creidt, which tops up a person’s income up to £218.15 a week for single people and up to £332.95 for couples.

Her flat is a listed building and she used up all her savings around six years age when she had a £16,000 roof repair bill.

She said: “I haven’t been able to put the heating on for six years because I would just be heating the air outside and still be freezing. So I just sit here when it’s cold wrapped in my dressing gown.”

Ms Williams thinks there should be a Commissioner for Older People and Ageing to represent people like her.

A WASPI pensioner from pensions minister Mel Stride’s constituency last week she is “disgusted” at the lack of Government action on the question of compensation for WASPI pensioners.

She said: “I’ve written half a dozen times to Mel Stride, who happens to be my MP in this constituency that I live in.

“All I’ve got a couple of times is a bog standard round robin that he obviously sends to everybody. I’m just disgusted frankly.”

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