London Drugs cyberattack: New prescriptions can’t be filled

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London Drugs stores are unable to fill new prescriptions, the chain announced Monday, providing an update on its reopening following a cybersecurity incident.

Stores began reopening this weekend after all 79 were abruptly shuttered on April 28. All stores are expected to be open by the end of day Tuesday but it’s not clear when pharmacies will be fully operational.

“We want to alert pharmacy customers that due to connectivity issues the pharmacy will not be able to fill new prescriptions at this time,” Monday’s statement said.

“Our store systems are necessarily complex, as is the need to connect with multiple third-party provider systems, all with different requirements to ensure a smooth and safe reconnection. We hope to have this rectified as soon as possible.”

There is no indication that any customer databases were compromised, Monday’s update reiterated, adding that if the investigation reveals that personal information has been “impacted” those affected will be notified.


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