MWF shares advocacy updates with local game & fish clubs –

MWF shares advocacy updates with local game & fish clubs –

The Manitoba Wildlife Federation has been meeting with its member clubs in its four different jurisdictions across the province for the past few weeks.

MWF executive director Carly Deacon says the goal of these regional meetings is to bring club members together to discuss programs, upcoming events and advocacy files in progress.

“The association is made up of approximately 110 affiliated local game and fish clubs throughout Manitoba,” explains Deacon. “So we have a pretty broad reach across the province. We talked about some of the larger acts in the province that affect different jurisdictions but affect the province as a whole, such as advocacy work that the association has proposed to improve our enforcement: the Conservation Officers in the province and the great things they do. So we had a large fleet of advocacy files to talk about.

“But then it also gives the clubs the opportunity to ask questions and the government [representatives] also attended the meetings, which is really great,” she adds. “So they gave really thorough updates on wildlife, fisheries and law enforcement and gave government officials and our clubs an opportunity to ask questions too.”

The province is looking at ways to recruit, but also retain, conservation officers. The provincial government is investing $300,000 to curb night lighting and other illegal hunting and fishing practices by funding helicopter surveillance contracts and buying covert vehicles, facilitating more check stops and hiring more law enforcement officers.

“There’s a whole range of investments that the province has made,” she adds. “So, more boots on the ground, more choppers in the air, and all the great tools that you, the COs, have in your toolbox now, will definitely improve their efficiency.”

As in every area of ​​our communities, Covid impacted many programs and events. However, following the pandemic, MWF member clubs have increased their membership.

“Local game and fish clubs have not been able to personally participate in their events and programs which is obviously the bulk of our membership sales and renewals so kudos to our clubs for seeing us through these Covid years,” shared Deacon . “Our membership has increased by about 5%, which is amazing!”

“In meeting with clubs over the last few weeks we are seeing a lot of motivation and engagement and people are ready to get their events going again and get their community involved in offering all the great programming that we have!”

These programs include Learn to Fish Clinics, Youth Fishing League, 1st Shot Instruction, Manitoba Junior Rifle, Provincial Hunting Day, Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW), Lady Fowler hunting trips and mentoring programs.

Regional meetings held in the 4 jurisdictions in Manitoba: South Central, Eastern, Intersea and Southwest regions.

The follow-up to these meetings will take place at the MWF Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg at the end of April. “As a result, any clubs that may have missed regional meetings also have an opportunity to hear all of this news at our AGM,” adds Deacon.

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