Who should look at tapping into federal recovery program? – DiscoverWestman.com

Who should look at tapping into federal recovery program? – DiscoverWestman.com

A new federal program with a $400 million pool has groups trying to find out more about the fund, who qualifies, and the best way to access funding.

The Community Services Recovery Fund was established to respond to the adaptation and modernization needs of charities and nonprofit organizations dealing with the immediate and long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund accepts applications from non-profit organizations, ie non-profit organizations, indigenous government bodies or registered charities based in Canada that provide services to communities in Canada.

The program is a partnership between the federal government, the Canadian Red Cross, United Way of Canada and Community Foundations of Canada. The program is truly for nonprofit and nonprofit organizations, said Kevin Parsons of Endow Manitoba, an initiative of the Winnipeg Foundation.

“This program aims to improve non-profit organizations, which are what you would typically think of as charities or organizations with a social purpose. It allows these groups to improve themselves. As we know, these groups are focused on helping the people in our community and Don often do not have the time, opportunity or resources to focus internally on projects that can help them either improve their services or to invest in pilot projects.”

Parsons points out that this money isn’t going toward things like construction projects.

This program has three funding streams:

Investing in People Funding will support one-off projects focused on how organizations recruit, retain, engage and support their workforce, including employees, volunteers and board members.

Investments in Systems and Processes: Funding will support one-off projects that invest in the systems and processes involved in creating the internal workings of an organization’s overall structure.

Investing in innovation and redesign of programs and services: Funding will support one-off projects primarily focused on innovation and redesign of programs and services, using information gleaned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pool I deal with has a $10,000 minimum and a $100,000 maximum. You can apply for more than that, but then it goes to a national review committee and not just here in Manitoba,” said Kevin Parsons.

Organizations wishing to apply for grants must submit an application by February 21.

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