Manitoba Invites 336 Canada Immigration Candidates In New PNP Draw

Manitoba Invites 336 Canada Immigration Candidates In New PNP Draw

Manitoba held a new drawing through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program and issued 336 invitations to Canadian immigrant candidates.

In the January 26 draw, LAAs were awarded across three MPNP streams.

Skilled workers in Manitoba received 253 LAAs, with the lowest-ranked candidates scoring 726 points.

International Education Stream candidates received 60 LAAs.

The remaining 23 LAAs went to overseas talent candidates as part of a strategic recruitment initiative with a minimum score of 713.

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Manitoba said 32 of the 336 invited candidates had valid express entry IDs and job seeker validation codes.

Detailed requirements for all streams included in this prize draw are below.

What were the details of the last draw in Manitoba? Stream Sub-Stream Letters of Advice to Apply Score of Lowest Rated Candidate 1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba 253 726 2) International Education Stream 60 – 3) Skilled Workers Overseas Strategic Recruitment Initiative 23 713


How do I qualify for the skilled worker in Manitoba Stream?

The Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream (SWM) is based on the specific needs of Manitoba employers. SWM selects foreign-educated workers with the required skills and nominates them for permanent residency in Canada. The stream prioritizes candidates with strong ties to Manitoba, with two pathways to immigrate to Manitoba.

a) Work Experience Path in Manitoba

For applicants currently working in Manitoba on a temporary work permit, under the Temporary Alien Worker Program, or as an international graduate of any province. Candidates do not have to work in in-demand professions.

b) Employer direct hire path

For international applicants with job listings from accredited employers in Manitoba.

How do I qualify for the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream?

The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream (SWO) includes both a dedicated Canada Express Entry Pathway and a direct provincial path.

It is aimed at international skilled workers with skills and training in Manitoba’s in-demand occupations. Preference is given to applicants and spouses with close family ties as well as language skills, education and experience in order to find a job quickly.

a) Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

For international candidates admitted under another MPNP stream who also meet the Express Entry criteria and have an active Express Entry profile. Candidates need skills, education and experience in one of Manitoba’s in-demand careers, as well as a strong family connection to the province.

b) human capital path

For international professionals with the skills, education and experience in one of Manitoba’s in-demand occupations. Candidates must demonstrate the potential to find employment soon after arriving in Manitoba.

What are the requirements for the International Education Stream?

The International Education Stream (IES) is for international graduates from colleges and universities in Manitoba. Under IES, candidates are no longer required to work in their field for six months before applying for an MPNP nomination. It has three ways:

1) Career entry path

Admission requirements include:

Completion of a one-year or longer course at an appropriate post-secondary institution in Manitoba within three years of application submission. Have a full-time job offer in a Manitoba in-demand occupation related to the Manitoba degree completed

2) Internship path for college graduates

Masters and PhD students who have completed a Mitacs Accelerate or Elevate internship may also apply for nomination through internships without a job offer in the province.

3) Student Entrepreneur Path

Admission requirements include:

Completion of a two-year or longer course at an appropriate post-secondary institution in Manitoba. Six months experience operating in Manitoba Manitoba resident since graduation. No specific minimum personal net worth requirement

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