Council, please say no to Brandon development

Council, please say no to Brandon development

Please say no to the Brandon development

Since 2003 my family has lived on Mt. Vernon Road between Sherwood and Brandon. For the past 19 years traffic has become increasingly congested at the junction of Sherwood, Main and Brandon (which we call Malfunction Junction) and along Brandon between Brambleton and Colonial, particularly morning, afternoon and evening commutes to school and work.

Delays at Malfunction Junction are already extremely frustrating and time consuming. It often takes two green light cycles to get from Sherwood to Brandon. Conversely, it’s even worse. In the evenings, the line of cars waiting along Brandon typically stretches all the way from the Tropical Smoothie Café to the traffic light. A similar lag occurs along Main Street while waiting to turn left onto Brandon. People who live on Brandon between Main and the Kroger gas station also have great difficulty leaving their driveways and access roads. Traffic from the proposed development (December 13, ‘New Brandon Land Proposal Moves On’) would turn this situation and along from Brandon to Brambleton into a living nightmare.

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At the December 6 community meeting, the moderator explained that this development would generate approximately 209 daily trips to and from the one entry/exit for the proposed 29 townhouses. Additionally, drivers will be allowed to make left turns on Brandon near Brambleton as they head towards Salem to enter the development. What a residue this will cause!

Security is another objection to this proposal. Persons exiting the development may only turn right to continue onto Brandon. An already overloaded situation becomes much worse. And if drivers wished to travel in the opposite direction to Patrick Henry High School and/or Salem, there would be two scenarios: 1) excessive traffic through Malfunction Junction and a likely U-turn near Wasena Elementary School on narrow adjacent streets; or 2) a turn along Brandon between the development and the Towers Shopping Center. Both options require the driver’s time and patience. Both options would result in 104 trips out of development on already congested roads.

My request is that the City Council listen to the residents of the area, deny Mr. Fralin’s rezoning application a third time, and permanently retire 0 Brandon.

Jackie H. Stanley, Roanoke

Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to destroy hope

While an estimated 6.5 million Americans age 65 and older are currently living with Alzheimer’s dementia, did you know that another estimated 200,000 Americans under age 65 (many in their 40s and 50s) can develop what is considered younger/early onset Alzheimer’s -disease is known? Early onset Alzheimer’s disease (EOA) is typically more difficult to diagnose because healthcare providers generally do not screen for the condition in younger patients. I didn’t realize this was even a possibility until my husband’s diagnosis was confirmed.

The initial shock was overwhelming and at first it was easy to lose hope. But after realizing what was happening to us, we decided to focus our efforts on fighting this devastating disease. This is a progressive disease and while nothing can replace what my husband has already lost, there is always hope that new drugs will be developed to slow or even stop its further progression. Six months ago, after researching our options, we applied for and were accepted into a clinical trial for patients who are still in the early stages of EOA. While we don’t know if this study will slow its progression, we do know that we are fighting to help ourselves and future Alzheimer’s patients.

Recently, another drug trial released data showing positive reports for a possible treatment. We are encouraged by this news as more treatments give more hope. And the sooner a diagnosis can be made with these new treatments, the sooner the progression of this disease can be altered and maybe one day stopped.

I think methane comes from us too

Regarding the December 4th article on the front page, above the fold, right: “Methane emission control in SW Va.”

Last count there are about 8 billion people and who knows how many other creatures exist on earth that produce methane on earth. So the real question is: is it the methane from natural gas pipelines or living beings that are causing the rise?

There are some who blame agriculture for the extra methane, forgetting that humans also produce methane. Ever heard of a certain bodily function setting your butt on fire?

Then there are all these sewer vents on buildings that let methane escape in the sewer systems. Then there are the older sewage treatment plants that do not collect methane for heating.

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