Parksville skip Penny Shantz helps rink to Canadian Masters title

Parksville skip Penny Shantz helps rink to Canadian Masters title

Penny Shantz has added the Canadian Masters Curling Championship to her list of achievements.

The Parksville Curling Club member and her team of Cindy Curtain (third), Shirley Wong (runner-up) and Janet Suter (lead) represented British Columbia at the Pembina Curling Club in Winnipeg in November.

Team Shantz survived several tough games, including the semi-final match against Team Ontario. The match was a tie going into the eight, but the Shantz crew was able to press a checker to propel them to a 5-4 win. They advanced to the gold medal game where they faced Team Judy Colwell of Manitoba.

In the finals, Team Shantz quickly picked up three points and maintained their lead throughout to take the title 8-4.

Shantz praised her teammates and the way they worked together to bring the Masters title to British Columbia.

“I think curling is a real team sport,” Shantz said. “It takes four people to take a shot. In our last game we had big problems in the seventh end. I had to make a draw…a wide out-turn draw to get one. We could have given up three a few shots earlier. And that sweep… like my only sweep is everywhere and her timing and screaming, she’s gotta go on the rocks any minute but we needed it to ripple. In the end it was perfect. So it was all about communication and getting a shot as a team. So this is a whole team effort.”

Winning for Shantz is nothing new. She has won numerous awards, including a gold medal at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. She has represented British Columbia at many bon games across the country. What she finds extremely satisfying with every win these days is watching her teammates bask in the glory.

“All of these teams that I’ve played on have had almost completely different members,” Shantz said. “It’s so much fun watching your teammates win.”

Team Shantz will compete again this February as they defend their BC Masters title. They will give Parksville Qualicum Beach curling fans something to cheer about as the BC Provincial Masters Championships for men and women will be held at the Parksville Curling Club.

“We’re looking forward to defending our title,” said Shantz. “It’s nice to have the championships here at home and not have to travel far.”

BC Masters winners will represent the province at the Canadian Masters in April 2023.


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