CWE Rumble To Remember Results (12/16-12/17)

CWE Rumble To Remember Results (12/16-12/17)

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite hosted its Rumble to Remember Tour from Winnipeg, Manitoba and Thunder Bay, Ontario on December 16th and 17th.

The full results are below.

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CWE Rumble To Remember Results (12/16 – Winnipeg, MB)

– Defeated Cliff Corleone. Jay Rockne in Block B of the Super Jobber Cup.

– “The Canadian Crusher” defeated AJ Sanchez. “The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon in Block A of the Super Jobber Cup.

– “Pimp Daddy” defeated Rick Matthews. “The Boston Bruiser” Kevin O’Doyle in Block A of the Super Jobber Cup.

– “The Human Terminator” defeated Marcellus Prime. “The Headline” Shaun Martens in Block B of the Super Jobber Cup.

– “The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon & “The Boston Bruiser” Kevin O’Doyle were declared a tie in Block A of the Super Jobber Cup, hence both men advanced to the final.

– Defeated Jay Rockne. “The Headline” Shaun Martens of DQ in Block B of the Super Jobber Cup.

– “Canadian Strong Style” defeated Rob Stardom. CWE Central Canadian Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan wins the championship.

– “Outlaw” defeated Adam Knight. CWE Tag Team Champion Sammy Peppers.

– Defeated Chris Marxwell. Harvey Campana

– “The Boston Bruiser” Kevin O’Doyle was pinned in 3-way with “The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon and “The Headline” Shaun Martens to be declared the 2022 Super Jobber.

– Josh “Cheeks” Holliday & “The Real Deal” James Roth defeated. Hernandez & EZ Ryder.

Results of CWE Rumble To Remember (12/17 – Thunder Bay, ON)

– Defeated CWE Champion “The Zombie Killer” MENTALLO. “Toxic” Tyler James

– EZ Ryder defeated. “The Human Terminator” Marcellus Prime

– CWE Canadian Unified Jr. Heavyweight Champion “Chiseled” defeated Chad Daniels. Josh “Cheeks” Holliday

– Hernandez defeated. “The Headline” Shaun Martens.

– “The Zombie Killer” MENTALLO won an over-the-top rope battle royal, most recently eliminating “Hotshot” Danny Duggan.

The CWE kick begins in 2023 with the conclusion of The Rumble To Remember Tour of Saskatchewan January 4-9 with WWE/ECW Legend Rhino!

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