Chocolate Mustache Fundraiser donation for BTHC Cancer Care bigger than expected –

Chocolate Mustache Fundraiser donation for BTHC Cancer Care bigger than expected –

When Carman Collegiate teacher Jacquie Metcalf was diagnosed with cancer last year, Principal Mary Reimer wanted to give staff and students a chance to show their support. She made chocolate mustaches that she sold in the cafeteria for Movember for a couple of weeks in November. They raised $1500 for Cancer Care Manitoba.

Reimer was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer, but that didn’t stop her from making more chocolates than last year and raising significantly more than last year to donate to the Boundary Trails Health Center (BTHC) Foundation.

“I think I’ve probably done almost 10,000 mustaches. It was a busy month in November. As a result of the efforts of myself and Carmen Collegiate, we are able to make a sizeable donation to Frontier Paths. I originally thought the donation was supposed to be $7825, but as a result of some more last minute donations that have come in, I am pleased to present Collegiate Boundary Trails with $8300 on behalf of Carmen.”

She found that they received support beyond the cafeteria, through their association with the Carman Cougar Hockey Team, support came from other communities in the Pembina Valley.

“Because our hockey team got in with us, hockey teams around us got in too. I’m so happy that Altona Aces is coming to me and the Portage hockey team. I know Altona, for example, bought 150 mustaches. I think it’s a small one It has become a symbol in the communities that come together to do everything possible to fight this disease that affects everyone.

BTHC(submitted photo) Carman Collegiate Staff with chocolate mustaches

BTHC Foundation Executive Director Shannon Sammatte-Folkett shared her reaction to the news.

“Wow! This is the first thing I’m learning and I’m speechless. From chocolate mustaches, that’s incredible. What a community. What a way to gather and support you guys,” she said to Reimer upon receiving the check for $8,300.

She went on to share how it’s used.

“This will go to the Boundary Trails Cancer Care Department. I think they will be very touched by it. I’m sure you’ve already shared a lot with them up there. Can’t wait to work with the team to find out what kind of needs we need to fill upstairs.”

Reimer went on to share her own experience with BTHC Cancer Care and why Carman Collegiate chose to donate the money to the local hospital.

“As strange as it may sound, I look forward to the days when I come to the cancer ward, to a place that could be very bleak. There were days when I would just walk in a puddle and just cry and just be very upset and Dr. Wolk and Dr. Martin and the nurses, they are phenomenal and they have a natural way of making sure your cup is a little fuller when you leave than when you came in. So, it’s very much the least we can do.”

Sammatte-Folkett thanked Reimer for deciding to donate to the local hospital and for the very special gift to help people on their cancer journey. She wished Reimer all the best on her own path.

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