This week in good news (Dec. 18 – 24)

This week in good news (Dec. 18 – 24)

The generosity and kindness being spread in Manitoba and abroad this week is incredible! Read all about it below.

Detached and unstoppable: shake off the past, find your purpose and move on with your life

A strained relationship, financial problems, a faltering career, or an unhealthy lifestyle are some of the reasons a person may find themselves in a hopeless situation. Most people have been there before. The key is to have the tools to overcome this feeling of being “stuck”.

Jimn Kyles shares practical, actionable tips in his new book, Unstuck and Unstoppable: Shake off the past, find your purpose, move on with your life.

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Make Christmas presents for free with Art City

A West Broadway non-profit organization teaches children the joy of giving while providing an accessible arts program for everyone to enjoy.

Art City hosts a wide variety of free art programs to give everyone the opportunity to be creative without worrying about financial costs.

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“Sacred Space”: Divers pull 275 artifacts from the Franklin ship excavation in 2022

Ten feet below the surface of the Northwest Passage, deep in the wreckage of one of Captain John Franklin’s doomed ships, something caught the attention of diver Ryan Harris.

Harris was on the wreck of HMS Erebus in the middle of the 2022 field season. The team had dragged dozens of artifacts to the surface—ornate table decorations, a lieutenant’s epaulettes that were still in her case, someone’s eyeglasses.

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Lionel Messi thanks God for success in epic World Cup win

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi did everything he could to dodge a bevy of French defenders throughout the game World Championship finals on Sunday and sliced ​​past them to score goals.

But he didn’t avoid praising God for his personal career achievements after leading Argentina to a win over the defending champions in a World Cup final penalty shoot-out that will be remembered as the best in the tournament’s 92-year history .

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Middle school students share the Christmas spirit with the St. James neighborhood

Christmas has come early for a Winnipeg neighborhood as students at Bruce Middle School hang some hand-painted ornaments in front of the hospital.

“We have a little tradition here,” says Erin Acorn, a teacher at Bruce Middle School. “It started in 2020. Our seventh grade students are painting and decorating ornaments to display in the community.”

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Barbara Joy puts a new twist on the Christmas lullaby

A local music therapist shares her version of “Away in the Manger (Sweet Jesus)” as a reminder of Jesus’ humble beginnings.

“It’s a lullaby I loved singing,” says Barbara Joy. “It’s often sung by children and I just felt like I wanted to do it as an artist and add something contemporary.”

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The Carpenter and the Sages: How a Mennonite Refugee Helped Shape Winnipeg’s Iconic Exhibition

After five years of unraveling the mystery of Canada Life’s annual Christmas show of the Three Kings on their camels, we may have finally found the missing piece of the puzzle!

In 2017, the team at CHVN chatted about classic Winnipeg Christmas traditions, and the Three Wise Men exhibit at Great West Life immediately came to mind. However, when they contacted Great West Life (now Canada Life) for more information about the display, we were disappointed to find that no one in the company knew the story.

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Finding love, family and faith in the shadow of lies

When Dione Martin was a girl, she often thought about her birth father. who was he? Had he ever thought about her and wondered if she was okay?

Dione was born in New Orleans. She grew up with her African American mother and stepfather. Marin also had four siblings. When Dione was just five years old, she noticed that she looked different from her brothers and sisters. She questioned her mother and found that her biological father was white.

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Coptic Christmas carol brings ancient language to new life

A dimly lit New York church full of parishioners recently enjoyed a small choir singing the ancient Egyptian language depicting the birth of a savior.

Golgotha-St. George’s Episcopal Church in New York had nothing but candlelight illuminating its space as 1,000 people enjoyed a Christmas carol in Coptic, a language of ancient Egypt. Coptic also refers to first-century Egyptian Christians, but now both Orthodox and Evangelicals are referred to as Copts.

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Transcriptions found in canals are considered the earliest Biblical manuscripts

An Israeli professor believes he has found ancient transcriptions from the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah, calling it “one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Israel of all time.”

Professor Gershon Galil is Director of the Department of Bible Studies and Ancient History at the University of Haifa in Israel. He worked with Eli Shukron of the Bible and Ancient History Research Institute to decipher the name of Hezekiah on a palm-sized limestone tablet discovered in 2007.

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Documentary Evidence “To Ukraine” God moves in the midst of desolation

With millions of Ukrainians displaced during the war, an aid organization is showing Ukrainians they are not forgotten.

It has been almost a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. While thousands of people have fled their country and are now refugees, many families remain for a variety of reasons.

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After being tricked, a deaf mother of a teenage girl finds hope in Christ

A deaf teenager named Kwahena was used to being ignored and isolated. But when she moved from her small village to the capital of South Sudan, a handsome older man took an interest in her.

Kwahena quickly fell in love with the fact that, as a hearing person, he wanted to spend time with her, a deaf girl.

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Women in the Bible: Relating to Mary at Christmas

Women are often forgotten in the Bible, but Marina Hofman puts women at the center of her new book. Women in the Bible: Bible study in small groups.

Marina has a powerful story about God saving her life after a serious car accident and relieving her of her fear. She says the women in the Bible helped her overcome the challenges she faced after this incident.

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Children from Ukrainian orphanages enjoy their first year in the Southeast

In February of this year, Trish Braun returned to Canada with her second set of siblings from an orphanage in Ukraine. The family of seven now becomes a family of ten.

This was Trish and Mike Braun’s second adoption from the orphanage. Her first time in 2019 resulted in the addition of three children, who were also siblings, to their family of four.

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Santa and his elves bike through Winnipeg spreading the joy of Christmas

To help with Winnipeg’s ever-growing poverty rate, Ride with Santa Claus strives to make the holiday season more enjoyable for those who are struggling.

On December 23 at 2:00 p.m., the 11th yearbook Ride with Santa Claus takes place, with the meeting point at True North Square (223 Carlton Street).

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Three-year-old receives heart surgery and generous donation from strangers

Anaja, a three-year-old from Grunthal, recently had to be catheterized in Edmonton.

Her mother, Kianna Friesen, says Anaja had an atrial septal defect, or in layman’s terms, a hole in her heart.

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