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Martin Lewis is urging people who have been hit with flight delays – or could be in the future – to claim flight delay compensation and heard from a man who got paid £1,040 directly into his bank account.

Martin Lewis’ BBC Sounds Podcast listener, Leon, had taken a flight from Manchester to Australia and ended up lumped with an 11-hour delay.

Having heard a tip from Martin Lewis about flight delays, Leon then got in touch with Singapore Airlines.

He was then paid £1,040 directly into his bank account in a move which could be useful for passengers hit with delays at Gatwick Airport today.

Leon said: “I didn’t realise you could go back six years to claim flight delay compensation. I was delayed long haul Manchester to Brisbane Australia in January 2020, arriving 11 hours late. I followed your guidance and claimed direct with Singapore Airlines and three weeks later, £1,140 was paid directly into my bank account for me and my wife. Brilliant result.”

You can check and claim up to £520 per person per flight, depending on the distance the plane travelled and how long you were delayed.

Martin added: “So if you’ve been on a flight in the past then check the flight times and you might actually be owed money by the airline.

He added: “I do think there’s a moral issue over this though. If the flight delay wasn’t really very much and it was a cheap flight and and you were happy to sit in the airport maybe sit in the bar for a few hours, well, we don’t want airlines to go bust because you’re claiming, just because this rule is this, fixed amount of compensation regardless of circumstances.

“But sounds like an 11-hour delay, lost plans, possibly even lost you a hotel room’s cost because you didn’t stay in it overnight, well I think then it’s absolutely fine to make sure that you get the compensation.”


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