‘My mom is wrinkle-free and looks decades younger than 70 thanks to a skincare sticker’

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A fresh-faced woman who looks decades younger than her actual age has shared that there is only one product you need to keep looking amazing as you get older.

Matt Newman is a hairstylist and content creator who has asked his 70-year-old mother for some beauty advice after his fans were amazed by her wrinkle-free skin. 

However, Matt’s mother has revealed that her “skincare secret” is not beauty products or medical treatments, but an affordable wrinkle patch.

In a TikTok video, Matt said: “70 years young! This is my mum. No Botox, no filler and only one anti-ageing product that she wants to show you.”

Matt’s mother then showed herself with a red patch placed between her eyes and said her secret was to use Frownies.

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She said: “It’s a Frownie! A Frownie is a sticker. I put it on before I go to sleep and take it off when I wake up.Frownies are a facial patch that “smooths and softens” wrinkles which were first invested in 1889.

On the Frownies website, they state: Frownies Patches for prevention and care are the only patches that target the facial muscles to smooth and lift static wrinkles and expression lines.

“Frownies Original wrinkle patches have been Hollywood’s not-so-secret solution to smoothing wrinkles and expression lines for over a century.”

The cheapest price for Frownie patches is £11 on their website but a box for 144 patches costs £28.95.

Matt then asked his mother: “Do you even use any anti-ageing skincare products?” to which she replied: “Zero.”


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