East Brunswick Township Council reorganizes; establishes foundation for the new year

East Brunswick Township Council reorganizes; establishes foundation for the new year

EAST BRUNSWICK – East Brunswick Township Council kicked off the new year with a packed reorganization meeting to lay the groundwork for 2023.

The January 2 meeting began with the inauguration of elected Council members and the nomination of Kevin McEvoy and Dana Zimbicki as President and Vice President of the Council. The meeting also honored former councilwoman Sharon Sullivan for her tenure on the council.

2022 General Election winners Kevin McEvoy, Dana Winston, Jim Wendell and Dana Zimbicki were individually sworn in by Sen. Patrick Diegnan (D-18), Mayor Brad Cohen and Rep. Sterley Stanley (D-18). or.

After the oath of office, McEvoy and Zimbicki were unanimously nominated for Council President and Vice President.

In Zimbicki’s nomination of McEvoy, she defined his servitude as exemplary of his involvement in the community as a former mayor, distinguished educator, and public servant. She stated that McEvoy’s widespread presence and track record of engagement with East Brunswick made him the ideal candidate for the office of Council President.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kevin since 1989 when we both worked together in the Social Studies Department at East Brunswick Public Schools. Mr. McEvoy is known by many different titles. He is known as “Mac”, “Coach”, “Voice of Bears”, “Teacher”, “Mayor” and “Township Leader”.

“He left an indelible mark on our city in many ways. Anyone who knows Kevin knows how important he is to the well-being of East Brunswick and how seriously he takes his position as a councillor.

“Kevin’s qualities of being an active and proactive listener, inquisitive, carefully implementing decisions, a trusted public official and a passionate and active citizen of our community make him the perfect candidate for President of East Brunswick Council,” said Zimbicki .

Councilwoman Dana Winston shared her nomination for Zimbicki, stating that she “embodies” the qualities of a community leader.

“She is 100 percent in everything she does. Her passion and incredible organizational skills make her the perfect candidate for Vice President of the Council. Her years of service to our community are exemplary and I am honored to nominate her for this position,” said Winston.

In 2022, Zimbicki was appointed to fill the vacant seat of former City Councilman Michael Spadafino. Prior to her appointment, Zimbicki had held no public office. However, she has served as President of the East Brunswick Education Association and has been actively involved in various community events and volunteer efforts throughout the community.

After the nominations were finalized, McEvoy and other council members addressed those in attendance. They each shared several statements reaffirming to the public their sworn commitment to creating a better East Brunswick.

“Every user bears responsibility. Ultimately, the kind of government we get depends on how we fulfill that responsibility. Responsibilities that reward courage, respect honor, value conduct, and recognize the righteousness of causes.

“Therefore, the future is full of uncertainties for us. But the challenges and work that go into good governance, well we are prepared and will demonstrate it to you with our dedication and action,” McEvoy said.

Following the council’s comments, Sullivan was honored for her four-year tenure. Sullivan did not seek re-election to a new term in the November general election. Her decision was prompted by several life events that she said would influence her commitment to the role.

“Earlier this year I made the decision not to run for city council again. Matt (Sullivan’s son) married in September [and] My mother was in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. I knew if I couldn’t give 100 percent to the campaign, serve as a council member, help and support my mother, and help with the wedding plans, I had to give,” Sullivan said.

She thanked her fellow councilors and residents of East Brunswick for allowing them to serve her since 2018. Sullivan said she achieved her goal of improving East Brunswick for both residents and businesses. So she can walk away from her position with peace and pride.

“I promised the East Brunswick people when I was sworn in that I would do my best for all of East Brunswick in the next 1,461 days. I think I’ve achieved that goal,” she said.

Zimbicki, Stanley and Diegnan all honored Sullivan with a resolution and a plague of honor.

The resolution states: “During her tenure in elected office, Councilwoman Sullivan continually sought to improve the quality of life of the township residents and demonstrated expert foresight, leadership and financial responsibility in the policies and operations of the township government…

“Sharon carried out her duties as an elected official and as a citizen of East Brunswick Township with enthusiasm and diligence, thoughtfulness and caring, always dedicating herself to fostering the community service that has helped make East Brunswick Township the community we all love.”

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