BEA Triple AAA duo | News, Sports, Jobs

BEA Triple AAA duo | News, Sports, Jobs

Parker Meyers (left) and Eloise Blair were recently announced as winners of the Triple A Award at Blue Earth Area High School. The two will represent the school in the district’s Triple-A competition.

academics. Athletics. arts. Each year, Triple-A students are awarded their titles for outstanding commitment to activities in each category.

Two Blue Earth Area (BEA) seniors — busy bees Eloise Blair and Parker Meyers — were named Triple-A students this year, and rightly so.

Blair’s musical pursuits include the choir and orchestra, and she stays active in volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track and field in the spring.

Blair is also a member of many BEA clubs and organizations including the National Honor Society (NHS), Business Professionals of America (BPA), BEA Math League, BEA Knowledge Bowl, BEA’s Peer Helping Program, DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). ) and Project TRUST (Teachers Reaching Using Students in Theater).

Meyers is no less busy. As passionate about sports as Blair, he is involved year-round in athletics with football, baseball and wrestling.

Meyers also plays trombone in the band and in BEA’s full orchestra program.

Aside from the arts and athletics, like Blair, Meyers is involved in clubs and organizations such as the NHS, BPA and peer-helping. During his junior year, he also served as a teaching assistant for BEA math teacher Carissa Maday.

Aside from keeping busy afternoons, evenings and weekends, Blair and Meyers keep busy weekday class schedules busy.

Blair has packed her program this semester with two college-level courses offered at Southwest Minnesota State University’s BEA: College Government and College Precalculus. She also serves as a teacher’s assistant to voice arts teacher Janelle Jacobsen, dividing her fourth block between choir and orchestra.

Meyers is also taking College Government and College Precalculus this semester. His fourth block consists of a medical technology class offered by Mankato’s South Central Service Cooperative and a band. Meyer’s remaining block is a responsibility block that allows him to use his time – off campus or on campus – as he sees fit to work on assignments.

Blair and Meyers have been Bucs since they were very young and have lived with their families in the BEA School District since they were young.

Blair’s family includes her parents Josh and Tara Blair, sisters Sofie, Sidney and Averi, and their dog Stewie and cat Hank. Meanwhile, the Meyers family includes his parents, Kent “Skip” and Nicole Meyers, and their dog, Brody.

Both Triple A Bucs have maintained a high level of commitment since their days at BEA Elementary School. Blair and Meyers recall joining the orchestra, band and choir as soon as they were able – in fifth grade – and also pursued their favorite sport for years.

The seniors intend to continue participating in extracurricular activities after they graduate from BEA in the spring.

Blair, who will attend the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to study pre-medical or pre-genetic studies, plans to join volleyball and orchestra in college.

Meyers, meanwhile, is considering attending Saint John’s University, where he hopes to play baseball while studying biology or physical education.

It seems that both students thrive when they throw themselves into a variety of pursuits, be it arts or athletics.

Blair says she’s been a music enthusiast for most of her life.

“I started playing the piano when I was four years old. Those are my roots,” says Blair. “This is pulling me away from school”

Meyers, on the other hand, enjoys the possibilities of music for ensemble playing.

“I like working on pieces as a group and seeing our progress,” he says, adding that he prefers the sound of entire ensembles to that of solo instruments.

Meyers carries this attitude into athletics and enjoys the collaboration that takes place in team sports.

“I like playing as a team and holding each other accountable,” he says.

Blair also enjoys team sports, but also enjoys competing solo during track season.

“Athletics is my favorite sport,” she says. “Everyone is there to have a good time. You can improve yourself, but also contribute to the team.”

Whether it’s building skills in the arts, science, or athletics, Blair and Meyers agree that a few qualities will help you succeed in any activity. For example, Meyers suggests that determination and determination are critical factors in success — at just about anything.

“It takes determination to be successful at a high level,” he explains.

Blair says a collaborative mindset is also helpful in most activities, touting “being able to contribute to the success of others and yours.”

In Blair’s opinion, it’s other people that make activities of any kind worthwhile.

“The people in each activity are unique,” she notes.

Blair encourages younger students to engage in extracurricular activities to socialize with a wide variety of people – younger and older students and even teachers.

“It helps you empathize with more people,” Blair says.

Meyers also believes volunteering is an excellent opportunity for personal development.

“It makes you a better person than before,” he explains. “Challenging myself has matured me.”

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