Trout stocking schedules released | News, Sports, Jobs

Trout stocking schedules released | News, Sports, Jobs

The photo was provided to the Times Observer. Over 3.2 million trout will be stocked in streams and lakes over the coming weeks, including 707,000 rainbow trout, one of which is pictured here. The opening day is Saturday, April 1st.

Spring might feel far away. But one of the first signs of spring for some of us was released Wednesday — the state’s trout stocking plans.

Opening day is set for April 1st and the first stocking in Warren County is currently scheduled for February 22nd.

“While many anglers still have their rods and tackle boxes stowed away for the winter, the release of our trout stocking plan is always highly anticipated and a reminder that spring fishing opportunities are just around the corner,” Brian Wisner, Pennsylvania director of The Bureau of Hatcheries of the Fish & Boat Commission said.

“Our hatcheries are bustling with activity right now as we prepare to stock millions of trout in hundreds of water bodies for anglers to enjoy during the 2023 season,” said Tim Schaeffer, Managing Director of PFBC.

“Our hatchery staff and Waterways Conservation Officers look forward to working with local volunteers to ensure the trout are safely and efficiently stored and ready to pull your line on opening day and for many weeks thereafter.”

A total of 3.2 million trout are stocked in 697 streams and 126 lakes across the state.

According to the PFBC, this is consistent with stock levels over the last ten years. About 2.3 million of those will be rainbow trout, as well as 707,000 brown trout, 168,000 brown trout and 14,000 golden rainbow trout.

Another 70,000 fry ranging from 14 to 20 inches are kept in streams.

Partnerships with cooperative nurseries will add another million fish to this total in 2023.

What is stocked changes each year, and the most significant change for county anglers will be an additional fall stocking for the McKean County section of Kinzua Creek from the Guffey Road Bridge to the ANF boundary near Westline.

Volunteers are welcome to get involved in the stocking effort and meeting places for the specific stocking can be found on the state listing at

Streams and lakes, referred to as Stocked Trout Waters, will be closed from February 21 through opening day — with the exception of Assisted Youth Day on the Saturday (March 25) before opening.

Here’s a rundown of which Warren County waterways will be stocked in 2023, along with the dates of these stocking events: Blue Eye Run on March 23 and April 25; Brokenstraw Creek on March 17 and April 17; Brown Run on March 23 and April 26; Caldwell Creek on March 22 and April 19; Chapman Dam Reservoir on March 22, May 1 and December 11; East Branch Spring Creek on February 28; East Branch Tionesta Creek on March 1, March 10, April 24 and May 2; East Hickory Creek, March 28 and April 19; Farnsworth Branch, March 27, April 10 and May 3; Fourmile Run on March 23 and April 26; Hemlock Run on March 3; Jackson Run on March 3 and April 27; Little Brokenstraw Creek, March 1st and April 18th; Perry Magee Run on March 27 and May 5; Pine Creek on March 2nd and April 24th; Sixmile Run on March 23; South Branch Tionesta Creek on March 3 and April 10; Spring Creek on February 28 and April 25; Thompson Run on March 27; Tidioute Creek on March 27 and May 5; Tionesta Creek on March 6, March 14, April 11 and April 12; Twomile Run on February 22 and week of April 17; West Branch Caldwell Creek, March 22 and April 19; West Branch Tionesta Creek on February 23, March 1, April 15 and May 3; and West Hickory Creek on March 28 and April 19.

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