The Best Luxury British Food Delivery Boxes

The Best Luxury British Food Delivery Boxes

Ready-made gourmet dishes delivered directly to your home – what could be nicer. These expertly crafted kits come with all the ingredients (and perfectly portioned) meaning there’s rarely any food wastage, plus easy-to-follow instructions. No matter what cuisine you’re looking for – healthy or comforting, Indian or Chinese – if you can dream of it, there’s likely a meal set ready to arrive at your door.

Lina stores

Established in 1944 when Genoa-born Lina opened her first delicatessen in London, Lina Stores, dedicated to selling quality, authentic products and ingredients imported directly from Italy. Today, over 75 years later, that mission is still the same. And beyond the stationary oases, customers can enjoy deliveries of homemade pasta and dolci, as well as cold cuts and cheese. Quickly prepared and delicious to eat, the menu ranges from risotto with porcini mushrooms and truffle butter to a lasagna Verdi alla Bolognese and much more.

Originally from Sicily, these iconic fried dumplings are filled with sweetened ricotta and decorated with pistachios on one end and chocolate chips on the other. Get the whole family involved by creating your own cannoli at home because we provide everything you need to make homemade cannoli. Best eaten immediately after assembly to preserve the crispiness of the skins and the creaminess of the ricotta.

St. John Via Dishpatch

In true nose-to-tail style, St. John’s Cassoulet (from the acclaimed London restaurant group) includes a selection of pork cuts alongside duck confit and tender butter beans – topped off with a generous dusting of breadcrumbs. Rich in flavor and extremely easy to make, this five-star meal arrives practically ready to go, thanks to clever food delivery website Dishpatch.

AllPlants: Plant Hero Pack

Every All Plants chef-created recipe is designed to balance health and taste. And just like their meals, the packaging is also eco-friendly. The wide range of plant-based ready meals and fresh frozen meals caters to all taste buds. Restaurant-quality meals feature innovative plant-based substitutes like cashew cream, almond “parmesan” crumbs, and butternut squash béchamel—all 100% dairy-free with no added preservatives.


Husband and wife Will Sandbach and Abbie Roden came up with Amie during lockdown to break into the rosé market with a cool and affordable new wine brand. Created by friends for friends (hence the name), it has quickly become a popular brand. The packaging is fun and fresh while the wines are rounded and elegant. And so, the brand’s beautifully presented Christmas gift box in Amie’s signature white, red and pink is an easy favourite.


Brother Sam and Elliot Day left their family farm in Devon to break into the London restaurant scene. But after running a successful kitchen for three years, they decided to recalibrate their love of quality home-cooked food and turn it into a business. In 2020, they founded FieldGoods, selling home-cooked food from carefully selected, sustainable suppliers from their kitchen to their customers’ tables. Well, dishes like lamb and apricot tagine; pork and fennel ragout; and Spanish chicken, chorizo ​​and butter beans are available nationwide and come in compostable bowls made from responsibly sourced plant-based materials.

Pasta Evangelists

Made from ingredients that are seasonally and sustainably sourced from a network of smallholders and local growers across Italy, the clever team at Pasta Evangelists deliver fresh pasta, sauces and sides in insulated packaging across the UK. From there, you can effortlessly prepare a delicious pasta dish in just five minutes. With an ever-changing menu of handmade pasta from Italy’s 20 regions – from Roman Cacio e Pepe to Liguria’s Trenette al Pesto Genovese – there’s something for everyone too.

Dishpatch funnel

Hoppers was founded in 2015 by Karan Gokani and the Sethi siblings, the restaurateurs behind Gymkhana and Trishna. And the dishes inspired by Sri Lanka and South Asia quickly proved a hit. As well as operating an online shop inspired by the corner shops of Sri Lanka and southern India, selling homemade condiments and snacks, home-brewed beer and more, the cult-favorite restaurant delivers an array of delicious menus to Dishpatch. The Sri Lankan Celebration Box is delivered straight to your door and includes fried Sri Lankan snacks, a succulent leg of lamb and a traditional love cake to finish.


Georgia Cummings started Potage at £1,000 in 2012 after her mother broke her ankle. While caring for her mother, Georgia took over the family kitchen, built a website and started selling a different meal every day. The concept was simple: a ready-to-eat, home-cooked meal that came with a piece of focaccia – and potage was born. The menu is seasonal, handcrafted and balanced, offering a wide variety of flavorful dishes ready to cook or freeze with free nationwide delivery.

Real fermented sparkling tea

Made from fermented loose-leaf tea, Real’s non-alcoholic sparkling drinks offer an excellent alternative to champagne and prosecco. Currently available in two varieties, Royal Flush – made from Darjeeling, the queen of tea, and Dry Dragon – made from pan-fired Dragonwell green tea – these powerful drinks have their roots in the heart of Buckinghamshire. Set on the historic Waddesdon Estate in the English countryside, the ingredients are handpicked and gently fermented to create these fine, sparkling teas.

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