Streamer Takes Out Hardest ‘Elden Ring’ Boss Twice Simultaneously Using a Dance Pad and Controller

Streamer Takes Out Hardest ‘Elden Ring’ Boss Twice Simultaneously Using a Dance Pad and Controller

It’s safe to assume that most players who defeated the Elden Ring last year would wear their victory over Malenia, Blade of Miquella as a badge of honor. Prepare for this feat to feel a little less special.

Self-proclaimed variety streamer (translation: Soulsborne masochist) MissMikkaa twice defeated Malenia simultaneously while running two separate copies of the game. She used a PS5 controller for one instance of the game and a dance mat for the other. By her own count, she completed this ridiculous challenge on her 199th attempt.

2x MALENIA WAS DEFEATED! After 3 days and 199 tries, Malenia is dead in the Ultimate Challenge Run where I play Elden Ring twice at the same time (with a dancepad & controller). At first I wasn’t even sure if this run was possible. Radagon/Elden Beast is next!

— MissMikkaa (@MissMikkaa) January 5, 2023

At the turn of the last decade, the runaway success of Dark Souls breathed new life into a gaming subculture where you punish yourself by repeatedly beating yourself against a seemingly impossible task until something clicks and you overcome the overwhelming odds. In other words, many players around the world have adopted a “Git Gud” mentality.

Of course, as easy as it was to dole out ‘git gud’ condescendingly as advice, there was always a grain of truth in it. As tough as FromSoftware games are from Demon Souls to the hit Elden Ring (as well as all the “Soulsborne” genre games they inspired), for the most part they’ve been tough but fair. Once that little something clicks in your mind, whether it’s changing your build or learning to telegraph a boss’s attack pattern or any number of factors, the odds suddenly turn in your favor and the challenge becomes far less daunting.

Because of this, many streamers, including MissMikkaa, take it upon themselves to complete the challenge by imposing certain limitations, handicaps, or additions. We’ve seen people approach Souls games in increasingly amazing ways – from no-hit completions of the games to spud controllers and rock band drum kits damn it – we’re sure some have some associated runs too have seen eyes along the way.

However, what MissMikkaa pulls off is one of the more impressive feats we’ve seen in a Soulsborne game (you can watch the full fight in the video above). Malenia alone is difficult enough, but in two separate instances of the game at the same time with two different controls? My pea brain aches at the thought of the multitasking required to pull it off. Greetings, Miss Mikkaa.

In case you’ve forgotten, Elden Ring won the Game Awards late last year and took home the coveted title of Game of the Year, which was quite an achievement considering it was up against the equally outstanding God of War Ragnarok. Of course, it wasn’t without its meme-worthy moments.

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