Black Desert Online Update 2.63 Out for Bug Fix This January 6

Black Desert Online Update 2.63 Out for Bug Fix This January 6

Pearl Abyss today released Black Desert Online Update 2.63 for all platforms. This update includes a simple fix. Check out the January 6 Black Desert Online patch notes below.

Black Desert Online Update 2.63 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online January 6th Patch Notes: Fixed an issue where converting a crystal in the crystal inventory to a crystal preset would sometimes cause an additional crystal to be improperly equipped in certain situations.
– Please note that all incorrectly equipped crystals will be removed at a later date.

In related news, here are the current known issues of the game that have yet to be fixed.

Currently Known Issues

In Node Wars, it is not possible to place the Indomitable Flag in certain locations on certain days. An issue was discovered during Arena of Solare where the client shuts down in the following situations: If a character dies and spectator mode is used and the battle is far from the respawn point, the game closes. An issue has been discovered when using the Oasis of Knowledge feature on the Black Desert website where you cannot verify the adventurer’s profile. This issue will be resolved during January 11th maintenance. Under certain circumstances, background images are not displayed in Blue Maned Lion’s Manor. Please note that installing a new wallpaper will automatically delete the existing wallpaper. In Atoraxxion: Yolunakea, the Sol Magia in Yolu’s cradle sometimes appears as if buried in the ground. Under certain circumstances, adventurers from another faction can be seen on Yolu’s spine in Atoraxxion: Yolunakea. In the Battle Arena Solar Hall of Fame, the weapons and locations of certain class statues are not as intended. Certain character statues in the Solar Hall of Fame are showing unintended movements. Level 4 pets with names containing inappropriate words cannot be trained to level 5. If you encounter this problem, please contact us through the Support Center with the following information for assistance. Pet Type: Pet Name: New Name: Fixed Character Perspective setting does not work properly. Certain monsters in the Jade Starlight Forest are not spawning correctly on the EU_Arsha server. Equipping an outfit (desert camouflage, etc.) that occupies four slots (including headgear) will cause the headgear outfit color to be sporadically not visible when the headgear gear’s durability drops. Processing (L) an artifact item with “Ancient Power – Red Shard” and “Ancient Signet – Black Shard” while using the “Process All Identical Items” option selected causes the “Ancient Power – Red Shard” and “Ancient Signet – Black Shard”. “. ” only to be part of Simple Alchemy processing for the first time and not for subsequent times. After the first time, only the Artifact item will be processed via Simple Alchemy. If you also want to add the “Ancient Power – Red Shard” and “Ancient Seal – Black Shard”, please uncheck the “Process All Identical Items” option. The dialogue of NPC Patrigio (Velia, Calpheon and Grána) for the materials to craft the Bonfire of Dreams does not match the actual materials. The two-phase Urukios battle sometimes does not advance to the next phase immediately if Urukios falls below a certain HP. Attempting to log into Black Desert+ using Steam may result in an error message. Sometimes you can’t login to Black Desert+ when using an OTP. Private/personal trading cannot be used when using the gamepad UI. AP doesn’t decrease properly when it’s raining or snowing. If you get disconnected from the internet while waiting in Arsha’s Arena, you will get stuck on the loading screen if you try to access Arsha’s Arena again via the ESC menu → Arsha’s Arena.
[Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Ninja, Kunoichi] The Incomplete Rebirth quest line will appear in an unaccepted state in the quest window (O) for characters who completed the Succession quest line before the Awakening and Succession quest lines were combined. Certain horse costumes are not displaying correctly when mounts are attached to a chariot. Certain terrain (shallow water, underwater, rough roads, etc.) will not register properly. Unable to level up by gaining EXP as a quest reward at level 59 99.99%. Minimap markers are sometimes wrong. Interacting with an NPC that starts a cutscene while on a mount will cause characters to be repeatedly interrupted as they move. Sometimes it is not possible to obtain gathering materials by scooping water. Unable to scroll down when reviewing the item list in the Processing window (F2) after setting the client language to English. The background terrain appears abnormal when the direction of the camera changes

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