In St John, USVI, a New Way to Own a Caribbean Vacation Home

In St John, USVI, a New Way to Own a Caribbean Vacation Home

St. John has always been one of the most popular small islands in the Caribbean.

Since the pandemic, it has emerged as one of the world’s most desirable travel destinations, with a growing number of travelers drawn to its stunning natural setting and fun-loving beach vibe.

This also means that the island’s property market is booming, with a limited number of holiday homes available.

But top investment firm Island Sky is changing that with its new Residence Club: a way for travelers to live in a unique way in St. John, a special opportunity for the island covered by 7,000 acres of national park land.

A depiction of the Island Sky St. John residential club.

Island Sky St John is an equity residence club in the heart of St. John’s Cruz Bay where buyers can purchase one-tenth vacation residences from $190,000.

The Residence Club has all the amenities of a managed resort: with club hospitality staff to attend to every need (and all owner responsibilities); Each residence is fully furnished, with gourmet kitchens and outdoor balconies, as well as unlimited access to a spectacular rooftop pool and lounge.

Each residence has just 10 owners, with the perks of owning a vacation home and the lifestyle of a luxury resort, says Island Sky.

Owners have the same opportunity to enjoy their Club Residences within their property category year-round.

A representation of an interior.

“Island Sky is the first and only residential club in St. John,” said Jason Caraway, Founder and CEO of Island Sky Investments. “For an owner, this provides the opportunity to enjoy other locations around the world through the Elite Alliance Exchange Program. As a benefit of fractional property ownership, owners enjoy their time and property without having to worry about the maintenance and expense of owning the entire property. Residence members can rest assured that each time they arrive, the property is in immaculate condition and the staff is there to attend to their every need.”

Island Sky St John is the first in a growing portfolio of projects for the company, beginning with an island Caraway fell in love with as a child.

Each building has its own rooftop pool.

“I like the small-town feel and the carefree attitude,” he tells the Caribbean Journal. “The beaches are second to none, of course, but just as important are the people who live and visit St. John, and they’re a big part of what makes it so special. ‘Love City’ has always attracted interesting and adventurous people and it’s a place I can relate to.”

Island Sky has even bigger plans.

That includes a new Luxury Fractional Real Estate Fund launching later this year and discussions of acquisitions “both in the US and in several Caribbean locations,” says Caraway.

Visit Island Sky for more information or contact [email protected]

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