Cobb County weather forecast for Monday, January 30, 2023

Cobb County weather forecast for Monday, January 30, 2023

The National Weather Service is forecasting overcast skies with a high of nearly 61 degrees here in Cobb County on Monday, January 30, 2023.

What does the extended forecast hold?

This forecast focuses on Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta.


A 40 percent chance of showers, mainly before 8am. Mostly cloudy with a height of nearly 61. East wind at about 5 mph, turning northwest in the afternoon.

monday night

Partly fog before midnight, then partly fog after 1 am. Otherwise mostly cloudy, with low around 49. Calm.


40% chance of showers, mainly after 9am. Partly fog before 10 am. Otherwise cloudy, with a height of almost 60. Southeast wind at about 5 mph, turning northwest in the afternoon.

Tuesday night

A 40 percent chance of showers. Cloudy with a low around 44. Northwest winds around 5 mph.


A 40 percent chance of showers. Cloudy, with a high near 53.

Wednesday night

Showers likely, mostly after 1am. Cloudy, with a low around 46. Chance of precipitation is 70 percent.


Showers and possibly a thunderstorm. High near 54. Chance of precipitation is 90 percent.

Thursday night

Showers, mainly before 1am. Low around 41. Chance of precipitation is 80 percent.


A 30 percent chance of showers, mainly before 1 p.m. Partly sunny, with a high near 53.

Friday night

Mostly clear with a low around 32.


Sunny, with a high near 47.

Saturday night

Mostly cloudy with a low around 32.


A slight chance of rain and snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a maximum temperature near 51. There is a 20 percent chance of precipitation.

How was the climate in the last reporting period?

The NWS climate map for the greater Atlanta area has now been updated with November figures.

In an article titled What is the difference between climate and weather? the National Ocean Service describes the difference as follows:

“Weather is what you see outside on a given day. For example, it can be 75 degrees and sunny or it can be 20 degrees with heavy snowfall. This is the weather.

“Climate is the average of this weather. For example, you can expect snow in January in the northeast or hot and humid weather in July in the southeast. This is climate. The climate record also includes extreme values ​​such as record temperatures or record amounts of precipitation. If you ever hear your local weather expert say, “Today we hit a record high for the day,” she’s talking about climate records.

“So when we talk about climate change, we’re talking about changes in long-term averages of daily weather. In most places, the weather can change from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, and season to season. However, climate is the average of weather over time and space.”

The climate report for the Atlanta region for the previous month shows how great the deviation from the average temperatures is in that month. The average temperature for a date is the average over a 30-year period.

DateMaxMinAVGDeparture from normPrecipitation2022-11-01745464.05.30.002022-11-02765766.58.20.002022-11-03755766.08.00.002022-11-04765465.07.40.002022-11-05796270.513.2T2022-11-06836875.518.60.002022-11-07836875.518.90.002022-11-08806271.014. 70.002022-11-09695160.04.00.002022-11-10685963.57.90.132022-11-11716467.512.20.972022-11-12704256.01.0T2022-11-13483340.5-14.20.002022-11-14553344.0-10.40.002022-11-15494547.0-7.10.382022- 11-16493944.0-9.80.002022-1747340.0-13.002022-18543042.30.002022-1953343.00.00.002022-12.20.00202-11-21583144.00.00 22644454.01.8T2022-11-23714357.05.10.002022-11-24635257.55.8T2022-11-25665158.57.10.252022-11-26664957.56.30.112022-11-27675360.09.10.542022-11-28654856.55.80.002022-11-29694456.56.00.512022-11-30694155.04. 71.34Total19641434––4.23Average65,547,856,62.4–Normal64,144,254.2–3.98 Fall 2022 Temperature Climate StatisticsClimate LocationAverage Temperature (degrees)Normal Temperature (degrees)DFN (Deviation from Normal)Ath ens64,763.4+1.3Atlantabus64,763.6+1.1 266.8-0.6Macon65.465.3+0.1Cartersville62.061.1+0.9Dekalb Peachtree Arpt62.862.5+0.3Fulton County Arpt62.862.80.0Gainesville62.562.0+2.6.6.eachtree1+0.5P .261.3+1.9 Fall 2022 Average.Highest Average Temperature RankingClimate Temperature Ranking And Record . Temperature record (degrees) (year)Lowest Avg. Temperature record (degrees) (year)Athens39 )56.7 (1976)Columbus32. warmest70.4 (1985)60.9 (1976)Macon36. warmest69.4 (1985)60.3 (1967) autumn 2022 temperature climate statisticsclimate locationmaximum temperature (degrees)Max T dateminimum temperature (degrees)Min T dateAthens939/142811/ 24Atlanta889/133211/23Columbus929/73011/30Macon939/72711/24Cartersville27191/40Macon939/72711/24Cartersville2711/Pepttree 142811/24Fulton Co Arpt909/142711/24Gainesville889/132911/23Peachtree City909/132711/24Rome919/142711/24, 27 Autumn 2022 Average Temperature Climate StatisticsClimate SiteAverage Maximum Temperature (deg)Average Minimum Temperature (degrees)Athens74.754.3Atlanta7577.751.3Atlanta 355.3Macon78.252.3Cartersville73.150.4Dekalb Peachtree Arpt72.449.5Fulton Co Arpt74.450.7Gainesville72.552.3Peachtree City75.650.9Rome74.949.5 Highest Temperature Record (degrees) (year)Lowest Average Highest Temperature Record (degrees) (year)Athens8. Warmest81.0 (2016)68.8 (1976)Atlanta27. Warmest79.8 (2016)67.1 (1976)Columbus32. Warmest82.8 (2016)71.7 (1976)Macon31. Warmest83.2 (2016)73.7 (1976) Average Minimum Temperature Ranking and RecordsClimate LocationAvg. Min Temp Rank Highest Average Min Temp Record (degrees) (year)Lowest Average Min Temp Record (degrees) (year)Athens49. Warmest 57.1 ( 1985) 46.9 (1967) Atlanta 23. warmest59.0 (1931)46.3 (1976)Columbus35. warmest 60.9 (1985) 49.9 (1967) Macon 50. coldest59.3 (1985)46.0 (1967) fall 2022 precipitation climate statisticsclimate locationtotal precipitation (in)normal precipitation (in)DFN (deviation from normal)Athens9.9111.31-1.40Atlanta6.9311.98 -5.05Columbus11.629.74+1.88Macon8.679.70-1.03 Cartersville8.3611.10-2.74dekalb Peachtree Arpt8.4312.23-3.80fufton County Arpt6.812.76-4.90Gainesvilles7.7013.23-5.53peach11111112-12-12-7013.23-5.53peactree12-12- Rangliste und RekordeKlimastandortGesamtniederschlagsranglisteMinimaler Gesamtniederschlagsrekord (in) (Jahr)Maximaler Gesamtniederschlagsrekord ( in) (year)Athens43. Dryest2,64 (2001)24,17 (2009)Atlanta26. Dryest2.94 (1931)23.40 (2009)Columbus29. driest2. 30 (1961)18.44 (2009)Macon42nd Driest1.62 (1991)20.94 (2009) Fall 2022 Precipitation Climate statisticsClimate locationMaximum daily precipitation (in)Max. 10 Cartersville 1.9111/30 Dekalb Peachtree Arpt 2.6511/29 Fulton Co Arpt 2.4011/29 Gainesville 1.479/4 Peachtree City 1.8811/29 Rome 3.2511/29

For more information about the climate in our area, see the NWS Atlanta Area Climate FAQ.

What does the National Weather Service do?

The National Weather Service (NWS) is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The NWS describes its role as follows:

“The National Weather Service (NWS) provides weather, water and climate forecasts and alerts for the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and oceans to protect life and property and strengthen the national economy.

“These services include forecasts and observations, warnings, impact-based decision support services and education in an effort to build a weather-ready nation. The ultimate goal is a society that is prepared for and responsive to weather, water and climate events.”

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