Howard from the Halifax ads attacks pronouns in ‘protest’ song

Howard from the Halifax ads attacks pronouns in ‘protest’ song

Howard Brown has released a strange new music video that calls out “false variety” and pronouns. (youtube).

It seems that TV’s Howard has a problem respecting people’s pronouns.

Howard Brown – best known for his appearances in commercials for the Halifax Bank – has recorded a so-called protest song written by comedian Dominic Frisby.

The former Halifax employee has some viewers raise an eyebrow and blasts “fake variety,” unconscious bias training, and pronouns while constantly saying, “What happened?”

Targeting people’s gender identity, Brown sings “Why are you bothering me with your identity” and “Is there a new pronoun every day?”

The actor gives the camera an odd stare and sings about how songs and pronouns are what drives the “madness” — the madness of seemingly being LGBTQ+ people who want to be respected.

In a nod to the toxic debate surrounding same-sex spaces, the extras in the video include a wigged man startling a woman as she tries to enter a toilet — a “joke” that focuses on the false trans narrative that trans -Women cis-women harm .

The video plays with the anti-trans narrative of same-sex spaces. (youtube)

Brown says in the video, “I’m not outspoken, but I feel like I have to say it,” before listing things that appear to be troubling.

Even more amazing, Brown was invited to talk about his new musical venture on TalkTV, where he went on to say, “A lot of people just seem angry right now.

“It would be nice to highlight the issues we have in a fun way.”

Halifax, unlike Howard, is a big supporter of LGBTQ+ rights

In recent years, Halifax has championed the LGBTQ+ community, even inviting anyone who takes offense at the bank’s pronoun staff badges to close their accounts.

Last June, the company shared an image of an employee’s badge named Gemma with the pronouns “she/her/hers” and simply added the statement “Pronouns matter” and the hashtag “#ItsAPeopleThing.”

“If you don’t agree with our values, feel free to close your account,” the bank added.

Several people on social media praised Halifax for creating a more inclusive environment and criticized those in the comments section for questioning the pronoun badges.

A spokesman for Halifax told PinkNews last year that the company wants to be a place where everyone can be themselves and feel included, which is why it’s important to give people the opportunity to let others know about their favorite pronouns.

“We want to create a safe and accepting environment that opens up the conversation about gender identity,” the spokesperson said. “We care about the individual preferences of our customers and colleagues, so for us it’s a very simple fix for accidental wrong gender.”

Unfortunately, judging by the video, the bank’s figurehead seems annoyed by the initiatives of his former employers.

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