The Cast And Crew Of Titanic Was Drugged With PCP

The Cast And Crew Of Titanic Was Drugged With PCP

Dozens of members of Titanic’s cast and crew – including Bill Paxton and James Cameron – were drugged with PCP by strangers during filming.

By Douglas Helm | Released

James Cameron Titanic

titanic was one of the greatest films of all time, and it was quite an undertaking to make the film as well. But perhaps no behind-the-scenes story from the film is as weird and wacky as the time when a batch of chowder was mysteriously dosed with PCP, drugging numerous cast and crew members. Between 50 and 80 people were reportedly taken to Dartmouth General Hospital in Nova Scotia, and an assistant director had to divide the cast and crew into tall and sober groups (via

among the titanic Cast and crew members who were stoned by PCP were James Cameron himself and Bill Paxton, who appeared to be quite chilled during the experience. Paxton put it differently, however, when he said in an interview, “One minute I was feeling OK, the next minute I was feeling so freaking scared I wanted to breathe in a paper bag.” Being drugged by surprise is natural something that shouldn’t happen to anyone, especially when this drug is as intense as PCP.

Luckily, everyone was fine after the creepy incident, although they never found out who drugged the soup. The Halifax Regional Police Service conducted an investigation titanic PCP incident but it didn’t end up being fruitful. The investigation was dropped in 1999.

While the PCP incident was probably the most harrowing event that happened during filming titanic, the rest of the filming process was no picnic. Several people left the production during filming, three stuntmen broke bones, and many cast and crew members became nauseous from hours of shooting in cold water. The difficult filming experience was so overwhelming for star Kate Winslet that she said of James Cameron in 1999: “You’d have to pay me a lot of money to work with Jim again”.

Kate Winslet in titanic (1997)

It seems Kate Winslet is finally ready to step away from the titanic Experience after all these years as she finally reunites with Cameron for 2022 Avatar: The Way of Water. Of course, that quote was brought to Winslet when promoting the upcoming film, and she definitely made things right by telling Vanity Fair, “I loved doing it avatar with Jim – he’s much calmer now.” It seems her filming in the water with Cameron also paid off as she learned to hold her breath underwater for over seven minutes while training for the film and filming.

Now we just have to go titanic Another star, Leonardo DiCaprio, is returning for another James Cameron film. The star didn’t seem to have any issues with the filming experience, so maybe we could see him reunite with Kate Winslet in one of the next Avatar sequels as well. As long as Avatar: The Way of Water If it goes well, we can expect at least a few sequels in the future.

Avatar: The Way of Water still has work to do before it can top the box office at titanic and the original avatar. The film is currently around $661 million at the worldwide box office titanic sits at $2.18 billion and avatar at the top of the list of highest-grossing films with $2.92 billion. You can see Avatar: The Way of Water In theaters now, make sure you avoid PCP-laced chowder beforehand.

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