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NS&I has responded to a Premium Bonds customer who wanted to know if they could still hold their Bonds after moving abroad to France.

An X user contacted the group saying: “My daughter has moved to France permanently and has forgotten about her Premium Bonds.

“What is the best way for her to now cash them in? Also, if she wanted to, could she keep them while still living in France?”

The savings group said in response: “As long as your daughter has a UK bank account, she is eligible to hold Premium Bonds. To clarify, has your daughter registered for the online and phone service yet?”

The dad respones to say she had not signed up for the service and asked if she could do that using her French address.

NS&I said: “Your daughter is able to register from an French address. However, this will need to be done by postal form.”

The provider included a link to this webpage where customers can download the postal registration form.

To fill in the form, a person needs to provide some personal details such as their name and address as well as details of their NS&I accounts and investments.

They also have to provide details of any previous names and addresses that are relevant to the application.

Another customer the provider as they were trying to collect a prize from the December prize that had still not arrived by mid January.

They said: “I completed the cheque replacement form as advised when I called, but it did not require info on which Bond it relates to so I’m concerned I haven’t done the right thing.”

NS&I responded to say it should take two working days to process the form once it had been received.

The group added: “”If you requested a payment by bank transfer, it should take three working days to arrive once processed. If it is a payment by cheque, it can take around five working days to arrive once sent.”

Premium Bonds holders are entered into a monthly prize draw rather than getting an interest rate on their savings, with each £1 Bond having an equal chance of winning a prize, up to £1million.

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