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has added a “grand prize” to its ‘Octoplus’ rewards scheme – two tickets to the UK’s iconic and a free electric vehicle (EV) rental to transport the lucky winners there.

The winners will also have access to the Octopus Electroverse platform for complimentary charging during their journey.

The Electroverse card and app gives users access to over 650,000 different charge points from nearly 600 different charging operator brands in over 40 countries.

For those who want to go to a different festival, 12 more pairs of customers already signed up to ‘Octoplus’ can win free tickets to Camp Bestival, Wychwood Festival and Valley Fest.

Customers can enter by nominating an ‘OctoPlus-one’ – someone in their life who would love the opportunity to attend a summer festival.

Nominees can be put forward by posting on social media platforms like X/Twitter or Instagram, tagging @‌OctopusEnergy and using the hashtag #OctoPlusOne.

An entry form is also available for those unable to participate through social media.

Entries must be submitted by 11.59pm on May 3. The 13 most compelling #OctoPlusOne stories will then be independently chosen to win tickets, with the winners announced on Tuesday, May 7, revealing which festival adventures await them.

Octopus Energy’s striking pink and purple wind turbine, aptly named Gusty Spinfield, became a beacon of sustainability at Glastonbury Festival last year.

Erected in just a day on the Worthy Farm site, the turbine can provide up to 300kWh per day of clean, renewable energy into an existing microgrid that supplies power for food vendors at the festival.

Octopus Energy also became the energy provider at Worthy Farm last year, aiming to increase renewable energy usage across the farm and festival.

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, chief product officer at Octopus Energy, commented: “Just six months after our reward scheme launched, we’ve got the best prize yet.

“Thanks to an EV rental and free charging through Octopus Electroverse, one lucky pair will be heading off (carbon free) to the biggest festival in the country. They’ll get to see Coldplay, Dua Lipa, SZA and Shania Twain, all by looking after their energy account and nominating a friend – it couldn’t be easier.”

Over 1.5 million Octopus customers have already signed up for the ‘Octoplus’ scheme, gaining redeemable ‘Octopoints’ by keeping a healthy energy account or reducing their energy usage during the company’s ‘Saving Sessions scheme’.

To be eligible for ‘Octoplus’, customers must receive electricity from Octopus Energy, have an operational electric smart meter (i.e. receiving half hourly readings from it) and pay via Direct Debit.

Business customers and smart prepayment customers can also join ‘Octoplus’.

Eligible customers can sign up via the banner in their online accounts or the Octopus Energy app.

Points can easily be redeemed in the ‘Octoplus’ section of the Octopus Energy app or dashboard where users can view available offers and check their ‘Octopoint’ balance.

Customers can then use the provided code in-store or online to unlock the exclusive benefits.


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