Cornwall College’s Arnav is science whiz | News

Cornwall College’s Arnav is science whiz | News


18-year-old Arnav Muppuri is making academic waves on the CAPE Unit 1 ladder in science, ranking first nationally in physics, third in chemistry and biology, and fourth in pure mathematics.

The Cornwall College student also placed fifth in the Caribbean in Physics, while proudly sharing third place in Chemistry with friend and schoolmate Nathan Jarrett.

He has been no stranger to academic excellence since stepping into the corridors of the all-boys school in Montego Bay. Arnav showed his skills and won three of the four major midterm trophies in his first five months.

He attributes his academic success to his tendency not to procrastinate.

“As soon as I get something, I try to finish it,” Arnav said in one gleaners Interview.

He admitted that he doesn’t work outside of class time, preferring to play video games and hang out with friends.

The 12th grade Senior Prefect Supervisor says he is generally attentive in class but sometimes loses focus and spends time having fun with his friends. He was quick to point out that he was not a model student.

“If someone else followed my habits, they wouldn’t do very well because I’m not taking my time. I don’t have a schedule. I don’t plan my day or anything. I do whatever or I just do them as they come and the only thing that helps me is that I don’t hesitate,” he said.

The teenager takes every opportunity to play football or tennis. He is also significantly involved as a manager in clubs and societies of the institution. Arnav also finds time to raise his friends academically.

“I help my friends who are a grade below me with assignments, exam preparation, by explaining the concepts,” he said The Gleaner.

Arnav is the President of the Sixth-Form Association, Senior Supervisor Prefect, President of the Club of Spain, Vice President of the 4-H Club, Secretary of Key Club International, Assistant Treasurer of the Science Environmental Energy Club, and President of the Chess Club.

When Cornwall College launched a homework club for struggling students earlier this year, he and his friends taught in the afternoons. However, he had to temporarily retire from the center due to the long time it takes to complete college applications and accompanying essays.

The 18-year-old top performer, whose father Guna Muppuri is a doctor and whose sister has just started medicine, says he wants to become an orthopedist specializing in sports injuries.

Vishnu Muppuri watched her son’s growth from Mt. Alvernia Preparatory until the day he received the news that he had passed Campion College and says that every mother should have an Arnav.

“He is very disciplined, sincere and obedient. He is humble and determined not to advance alone; He takes his friends with him. He’s pushing her,” Ms Muppuri said The Gleaner.

The mother-of-two said her son promised he would deliver the good grades she and his father demanded in exchange for his desire to attend Cornwall College in his hometown.

She said she burst into tears when she saw him win many awards during his first semester in the seventh grade.

Not only did Arnav want to go home to his father every night, but all but one of his preschool classmates had passed Cornwall College.

Vishnu Muppuri says she couldn’t have asked for a more caring and composed child, one who doesn’t raise his voice, fight or show disrespect.

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