Sudbury police officer almost used Taser on belligerent driver

Sudbury police officer almost used Taser on belligerent driver

She also called for assistance, but the situation de-escalated, the Sudbury court is told

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When Michael Blacklock was approached by a Greater Sudbury police officer for driving during a suspension, he became restless and went to a supermarket in New Sudbury.

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When he came out, he was still excited and pushed the officer so hard that she nearly lost her balance.

In response, the officer called backup and pulled out her conductive energy device (commonly known as a taser).

Blacklock then climbed into the passenger side of the vehicle he had been driving, but peacefully surrendered to the officer who arrested him.

In the Ontario Court of Justice in Sudbury, Blacklock, who faced two counts in the March 20 incident, pleaded guilty to assault and resisted arrest.

Blacklock, 24, ended up receiving a parole and a one-year probation order, which includes the condition that he complete programs as directed by his parole officer.

Judge Jean-Gilles Lebel, who had accepted a joint sentencing bill from the Crown and defense attorney Paul Frinak, rejected a Crown request for a DNA array because he said no injuries resulted from the incident.

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Blacklock had no history. If he stays away from courts over the next year, he won’t have a criminal record.

The court heard a Greater Sudbury Police officer carried out a number plate check of a northbound Dodge Ram pickup on Falconbridge Road at around 3:50pm on March 20.

She learned that the registered owner was a suspended driver. The vehicle was being driven by a man and a passenger.

As the truck pulled into the parking lot of a Circle K convenience store, the female officer approached the male driver – Blacklock – and asked him for ID.

The man replied, “Why?”

The officer said the truck’s registered owner was a suspended driver.

Blacklock, who was upset, went into Circle K’s store.

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The passenger then got out, identified herself as Blacklock’s girlfriend, and said he was only driving her because she couldn’t back the vehicle.

She also asked the officer to give him a break.

Blacklock then came out of the shop angry and belligerent. He informed the officer that his suspension was on medical grounds.

Then Blacklock pushed the policewoman hard, nearly throwing her off balance, and walked away.

The officer pulled out her conductive energy device but did not use it. She also called for reinforcements.

Blacklock then went to the passenger side of the pickup truck and attempted to avoid the officer. Eventually he got out and was arrested.

“He assaulted a police officer who was on duty and tried to arrest him,” Lebel commented after hearing the facts of the case. “He pushed her to the point where she almost fell. She threatened to use her taser.”

Frinak noted in his sentencing statement that Blacklock had some mental health issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He was taking many psychotic medications that had some side effects, and he had to stop some of them, the attorney said.

“He wasn’t thinking clearly that day and wasn’t behaving properly,” said Frinak. “Fortunately, things have de-escalated.”

As a result of the guilty plea, the Crown dropped a charge of obstructing a police officer, which Blacklock also faced.

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