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An elderly NS&I customer was frustrated to be locked out of their account despite their repeated efforts to log in.

The man’s son got in touch over X to complain about the situation, saying: “I cannot log in to my account with my father.

“He is 77 years old and really struggling. Three times I have gone through the whole “authenticating device log in” and even changed password. Nothing works.”

A representative of the Premium Bonds provider replied to ask what happened after they tried to authenticate their device, and if they were getting an error message.

The man said nothing happened and that the page just went back to asking for log in details.

They were asked for more details and explained that they were using an Android tablet device.

NS&I suggested he could try on another browser but the man said he only had access to Google Chrome.

The frustrated son said: “All he wants is to see what the message is that was sent to him, he received an e-mail which takes him weeks to figure out how to open, just for it to tell him he has to log in to an account.

“He’s a retired bricklayer with no interest or skills with a computer, tablet or mobile.

“I know it’s not your fault personally, but your getting the stick for it. The man just feels angry, annoyed, upset, frustrated and let down.

“All he wants to do is read a message you sent to him, yet he has to prove who he is!?! Crazy.”

NS&I then responded: “To log in online through our website, he will need to complete the required security on our trusted browsers.

“If he’s unable to log in online, please ask him to call us on 08085 007 007 so an advisor can log him in over the phone.”

Another unhappy customer NS&I to complain about the long wait time to get the funds from their cashed-in Premium Bonds.

The provider said: “Premium Bonds withdrawals take three working days to reach your nominated bank account as they are paid out by BACS.

“BACS (Bankers’ automated clearing system) is a three working day payment process, it is not possible to speed up this process.”

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