Weather forecast: Friday storm risks power outages

Weather forecast: Friday storm risks power outages

Environment Canada has issued special weather reports for all three maritime provinces for Friday afternoon through Saturday.

During this time, Environment Canada warns that “there is the potential for high winds accompanied by significant amounts of rain, which may also affect travel” and that “power outages are possible with this system.”

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for the Maritimes on Tuesday. (Kalin Mitchell/CTV)

There is evidence that widespread peak gusts from the south east Friday night into early Saturday morning could exceed 80, 90 and even 100 km/h in the Maritimes.

Comparable weather scenarios in the past have been linked to power outages in the region.

As well as preparing for a possible outage, I would also recommend securing or bringing Christmas decorations indoors to avoid damage or loss.

The strong wind eases and turns to southwest during the course of Saturday.

Wind strength will increase Friday afternoon through Friday night. The strong wind poses a risk of power outages. (Kalin Mitchell/CTV)

Primarily a rain event for much of the region, rain totals could range from 20 to 60mm. Downpours in the rain can result in aquaplaning conditions on roads and localized flooding.

A change from rain to some snow accumulations on Saturday morning cannot yet be ruled out. That would most likely be in New Brunswick and western Prince Edward Island.

The storm is expected to bring heavy rain to the region Friday evening and early Saturday morning. A turn to snow accumulation before the rain subsides cannot be ruled out. (Kalin Mitchell/CTV)

The stormy weather also poses some dangers for coastal areas. On the south-facing shores of Nova Scotia’s Atlantic Seaboard, warnings are given that spring tides and large waves Friday night into Saturday could pose a storm surge risk.

Prince Edward Island is being advised to expect above-average water levels near high tide on Saturday. Coastal erosion and damage is listed as a risk to Chaleur Bay and the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick from late Friday through Saturday, with the highest risk on Saturday afternoon.

Big waves, onshore winds and high tides can contribute to storm surges along parts of the coast Friday night through Saturday. (Kalin Mitchell/CTV)

This is a large and sprawling storm system. Severe weather impacts are expected from Atlantic Canada west to Quebec and Ontario. If you are traveling to this area from Friday to Saturday, be aware that roads, ferry services and airports may be affected at times.

Updates are coming throughout the week.

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