Tomorrow belongs to us in advance: The summary of Monday January 30 (spoilers)

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance: The summary of Monday January 30 (spoilers)

Monday January 30th tomorrow is ours… soon to greet Jean-Baptiste Maunier… A person drops a chandelier on Charlie in high school. Chloe saves her in the extreme…

A murderess in the footsteps of Charlie and Chloe?

Chloe and Charlie make statements to the police. Aurore suspects a malicious act. Charlie wonders if it could be related to Francois’ father. Aurore informs them that they are investigating a certain Murielle, the former lover of Alain Lehaut (played by Christian Vadim). Chloe recognizes her, she was her babysitter. The two women could be targeted… François is devastated by what happened to Charlie and can’t believe that Chloe met his father and knew his lover back then. François is beside himself. He is angry with Murielle for ruining his life. And he blames himself for putting Charlie and Chloe at risk with his family history. The latter told François that Murielle was a kind and lovely woman. Francis reacts badly. Chloe is troubled by this whole story. Alex worries about her, but Chloe is convinced Murielle is not a murderer.

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Nathan’s father is playing again

Julie finds her father in the spoon. He has prepared a surprise for her: a weekend in a bed and breakfast. Julie wants to invite Nathan. Nathan wonders how his father could pay for a weekend like this. Julie tries to convince him to go with the family. But he hesitates… Nathan finds his father at the spoon. When he meets Alex, he confides in him that he’s still in the water. Nathan takes the opportunity to steal his father’s wallet from his pocket and discovers an ID document with a different name. He asks his father to tell Julie the truth and return the wallet to its owner. For her part, Julie is looking for an internship at the Saint-Clair hospital. William believes his file has a good chance of being accepted. She receives a call from her father, who confesses what he has done. Julie helps Nathan clean the spoon at night. She is disappointed in her father’s attitude. But she thinks her father is trying anyway.

Murielle, François’ father’s lover, is interrogated by the police

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Aurore and Georges try to find Murielle’s trail. But Georges falls on a good lead! And they call the couple to the police station. Murielle learns from Aurore that the investigation into the disappearance of Alain Lehaut. She recounts their affair in the summer of 1994 and the last time she saw him on August 24, 1995. They had left on good terms and intended to meet again the following summer. But she has heard nothing more. Her husband knew about their affair, but he claims to have forgiven and loved his wife. By August 29, the date Alain was supposed to have an appointment, Murielle had already returned to Toulouse. She says she never wrote the letter Aurore hands her.

Victor gets closer to Romy

Romy tries to figure out if Rayane is feeling better in high school. When the young man sees his mother sad, he offers her to have lunch together at noon. But Romy has other plans. At the Spoon she meets Raphaëlle, who invites her to dinner with Chloé and Alex. Later, Victor meets Romy, who was expecting her son. They talk a bit and he offers to show her around the city. Rayane sees her and starts to get carried away. Romy sets things straight. The atmosphere relaxes and they have lunch together in peace. In the evening, Raphaëlle, Chloé, Alex and Romy have dinner together. The evening is going wonderfully. Chloé reveals that Rayane has improved and even found a boyfriend. Romy tells him that she wants to look for a job in Sète. Chloe might have an idea.

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François receives a mysterious message

François is on a loop on Murielle. Adam advises her not to look at the same photos over and over again. But he keeps repeating that she ruined his life. Adam closes the computer and tells her to go to bed. But as soon as the son turns his back on him, he looks back at his laptop instead and gets a message that says, “I know what happened to your dad.”

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