A Calgary Real Estate Agent Shared 6 Of The Most Affordable Places To Buy In The City

A Calgary Real Estate Agent Shared 6 Of The Most Affordable Places To Buy In The City

If you’re looking for a home in Calgary, listen up! A real estate agent in Calgary has shared some of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city, and you’ll want to take notes.

Mel Chow, a real estate agent in Calgary, spoke to Narcity to share the best areas of the city, which are also some of the most affordable with easy access to downtown.

crescent heights

Crescent Heights is very close to downtown Calgary, but there are plenty of old character homes as well as newer buildings. Semi-detached and single-family homes in the area average around $663,833, Chow said.

“You’ll also have quick access to the Crescent Heights lookout, one of the most popular spots in Calgary for a view of the city,” Chow said.

You have easy access to the Bow River and the area is a short walk from the city center.


The communities in the city’s southwest are still close to downtown but have a much more residential feel, Chow explained.

If you’re looking for a semi-detached or single-family home here, you’re more likely to pay around $713,455, she said.

But the area definitely has its advantages.

“It’s close enough to downtown for the people who work there, but far enough away to feel a bit further away. It’s a great choice for families and young professionals,” added Chow.


Right next to Bridgeland, Renfrew is one of Calgary’s most desirable communities. Semi-detached or single-family homes in the area average around $619,833.

“They have all the appeal of Bridgeland, which is known for its cool shops and beautiful pedestrian streets,” Chow said.

“People love this area for its local shops, restaurants and homey village atmosphere.”


The southwestern neighborhood of Inglewood is famous for its historic buildings and is just a stone’s throw from downtown Calgary and the East Village. Homes in the area cost around $581,786.

“Inglewood is known for its quirky shops, street markets and historic atmosphere,” Chow said.

Though quieter than downtown, the neighborhood is connected to the East Village by cool walkways along the riverfront and along Ninth Ave.

“There’s a lot of green space in Inglewood that feels a little more disconnected from the city when needed,” she added.

Lower Mount Royal

Lower Mount Royal is close to all the action downtown but farther from busy tourist areas like the Stampede site.

An apartment in the area would cost about $271,500, according to Chow.

“It’s a great area for locals and also for those looking for investment property,” she said.

The area offers easy access to quaint shops in Marda Loop and is close to downtown.


The southwestern community, one of Chow’s personal favorite areas, has homes that cost around $302,625.

Altadore is very close to the Marda Loop neighborhood, which is “great for walking, eating, and being a little disconnected from downtown,” Chow said.

“Altadore is a crossover place that can work really well for a lot of demographics,” she said.

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