Fitzgibbon responded to a journalist on Facebook, saying the FPJQ was apologizing

Fitzgibbon responded to a journalist on Facebook, saying the FPJQ was apologizing

Journalist Francis Hallin wanted to know why the Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy did not wait until the end of his ministerial mandate to announce the donation. Wrong message Can you give him an interview for other universities and in this case?

Screenshots of the e-mail in support, writes Pierre Fitzgibbon in his press release (new window) Those were the questions asked We also present the most common questions we receive from journalists of this format.

Often Quebecers don’t see the aggression and bad faith of these questions, often posed by the same press team. Commissioned work often took precedence over serious and rigorous journalism. »

A quote Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister for Economy, Innovation and Energy and MP for Terrebonne, in a Facebook post

That FPJQ Mr Fitzgibbon called for his publication to be withdrawn and a public apology to the journalist concerned.

An intimidating gesture, according to FPJQ

That FPJQ Quebecor supported the media journalist’s approach.

Mr. Due to Fitzgibbon’s ethical background, The FPJQ A journalist thinks it reasonable to question the actions of a politician and his colleagues. »

A quote Stéphane Villeneuve, Deputy Director General of the FPJQ

Answer by Pierre Fitzgibbon In his post, calling Mr. Hallin directly is tantamount to bullyingRead the press release FPJQ.

This behavior can also Intimidate some less experienced journalists who avoid asking questions rather than face comparable treatment on social media in the future.Add to FPJQ.

Minister Pierre Ftizgibbon, who firmly believes there has been no wrongdoing on his part in the Ethics Commissioner’s investigation, warns that the investigations “will be different”.

Asking questions is a journalist’s job. Mr Fitzgibbon, a minister with a background in ethics, said it was normal for journalists to go through files and ask reasonable questions, even if he didn’t want people to see his actions.The vice president condemned his role FPJQEric Pierre champagne.

Alliance Avenir Quebec (CAQ) spokespersons and Minister of Education Bernard Trinville – according to the delegation – added the threat of leaking the process, which was also released from the media world. journalists.

FPJQ Mr. Reminds me of Drainville fighting all forms of bullying when he took office as Minister.

Addressing a journalist personally on social networks is problematic when coming from a minister and, most importantly, should not be encouraged by his colleagues and political allies in his party.says Eric Pierre Champagne.

Mr Champagne added that Pierre Fitzgibbon was entitled to question the reports about him, but he However, it is very unusual for a minister to say publicly that he does not like the questions asked. I like In social networks.

avoid The language of the tree

HoweverMinister Fitzgibbon concludes in his release: I try to answer the questions as directly as possible without using “wood talk”..

Pierre Fitzgibbon answers questions from journalists.

Economy, Innovation and Energy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon during a press crush in the National Assembly that focused mainly on the Ethics Commissioner’s recent investigation by Hunt in Estrie.

Photo: Radio Canada / Sylvain Roy Roussel

He also added a response from his communications director to the journalist in question:

The minister hopes that his donation will send a good signal to all universities. They understand that the minister’s gift sends a signal to potential donors and that his gift can generate other great gifts in all universities. Science understands that graduates usually donate to the universities they attended.

reaction MontrealJournal

Mr Fitzgibbon, editor of the Journal de Montreal Danny Doucet, responded to the minister in a speech published on Friday December 16, the day after it was published.

Here’s a little reminder from Pierre Fitzgibbon, Quebec Minister for Economy, Innovation and Energy: In a democracy like ours, the media’s role is to monitor the enormous powers that citizens grant to corporations, particularly the government, for which they spend their tax money. . »

A quote Danny Doucet is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal de Montreal

He adds thatAn elected official, let alone a minister, cannot escape his or her accountability to the populace, giving them mandate and powers..

That MontrealJournal According to the Ethics Commissioner, on December 8, 2022, the member for Terrebonne sent a report on a pheasant hunting party that took part on an island. opened an investigation. The sixth concerns Pier Fitzgibbon.

I think so The Journal of Montreal A commission of inquiry must be heard by members of the Parti Québécois. […] My private life is mine. It’s not due MontrealJournal That I’ll lose my common senseMr Fitzgibbon replied.

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