Sask.’s Rebecca Strong takes $1M top prize on Canada’s Got Talent

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Newly crowned Canada’s Got Talent champion Rebecca Strong is confident the win will bring her more opportunities to expand her career.

The Indigenous singer living in Prince Albert, Sask., took home the competition’s first $1 million prize at the end of the show’s third season on Tuesday night.

Viewers across Canada voted on a winner of what Citytv’s parent company, Rogers, billed as the biggest cash prize in Canadian television history.

Strong says the prize will help push her career to the next level, allow for musical growth and opportunities such as touring and recording new music.

The 20-year-old has been performing since she was a child, but appearing on Canada’s Got Talent marked her biggest stage yet.

Her performance of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep beat out seven other finalists in the live two-hour finale Tuesday night.

“I’ve dreamed about a moment, about this my entire life,” Strong said in a Zoom call with CBC Radio’s The Morning Edition on Wednesday.

WATCH | Canada’s Got Talent winner Rebecca Strong reflects on $1M win: 

Canada’s Got Talent winner Rebecca Strong reflects on $1-million win

Rebecca Strong appeared on CBC Saskatchewan’s The Morning Edition Wednesday, after winning the $1-million top prize on Canada’s Got Talent the night before.

“It was very overwhelming, but amazing. I just couldn’t stop crying. I was very overwhelmed with a lot of emotions and just thankful to everyone,” said Strong.

Strong had a lot of support while competing in the show, with her parents in the audience to show their support.

Strong, who lives with her parents, credits them for raising confident women.

She says she sings in her house every day, and when her dad is cooking supper, he will listen and give feedback.

“He’s my toughest critic and my mom is my biggest supporter. They play such big roles in my life with music and my day-to-day, like decisions and everything, and I love them so much,” said Strong.

She said she wants to put out her original music and record, and also hopes to get a home studio running. She’d also like to tour in the future.

“I know people are wanting it, so I’m going to give it to them,” said Strong.

For now, she is going to spend time with family. She says she’ll invest some of her winnings and treat herself.

She hopes this win will pave the way for many young Indigenous performers out there, and also for adults who didn’t get to pursue their dreams.

“I opened a new door for everyone and I hope that they can follow in my footsteps and share their talents with everyone.”

A sign stating their support for Rebecca Strong hang off the Prince Albert welcome sign.
The City of Prince Albert is showcasing their support for the local talent Rebecca Strong, now the winner of Canada’s Got Talent. (Rebecca Strong/Facebook)

Greg Dionne, Prince Albert’s mayor, says the city is planning a big celebration to welcome Strong home at the exhibition grounds.

Dionne said she is now one of the biggest role models for every young talent that the town has, and she shows that youth can take pride in where they are from.

“They can now say, hey, look — you can do it. We’re from Prince Albert and we won Canada’s Got Talent,” said Dionne.

Dionne knows Strong’s family and says they are a musical family who have always been involved in the community.


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