Moms helping out moms as Estevan organization supports Ukrainian families –

Moms helping out moms as Estevan organization supports Ukrainian families –

With the fourth of five flights carrying Ukrainian refugees arriving in Saskatchewan, some families have settled here in Estevan.

The community has done work to make them feel supported, including an organization that is relatively new to the practice.

Mothers helping mothers Estevan is one of a number of organizations dedicated to helping families – particularly new families – who are in need.

For now, that extends to those just arriving in Saskatchewan, with member Becky Cassidy saying their focus was on getting what a new family would need.

“Originally, we wanted to help pregnant women get everything they could need as a primiparous. So we made a list of items people would need as a first time mother and put it on and just use social media to leverage our network.”

That had a list that included 141 items that were quickly purchased by people in the community in just a week and a half.

Cassidy said both moms they helped felt overwhelmed but also felt grateful and welcome to the community.

Some of the group’s future operations were also funded by donations, such as: B. recently from the law firm Trobert Gilliss in the amount of $ 1000.

“When we heard about this matter, being a mother myself, I couldn’t imagine being in this situation, we knew we had to help,” said Kathryn Gilliss, a partner at the Trobert Gilliss law firm, “This donation can be used are used as ‘seed capital’ for the group to ensure they have the things necessary for the newcomers to feel they have a good head start for their children when they arrive here in Estevan.”

These future operations for the group will focus on contacting the newcomers and learning what exactly they need that the community can provide.

“As families come, we will work closely with The Sunflower Network, the Southeast Newcomer’s Association and the community to solicit donations or gifts from the community for anything the children need. So we’re going to find out how old the kids are and then make a needs list for them.”

“Whether it’s clothes, toys, school supplies, books or sleds or whatever else they might need,” Cassidy said, “we really hope that our network of parents in Estevan and southeast Saskatchewan will look forward to helping these people.” to help those who have been through so much.”

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