Regina retailers preparing for last-minute shoppers before Christmas

Regina retailers preparing for last-minute shoppers before Christmas

There is only one shopping day left until Christmas and malls and shops are getting busier.

Katie Dockham, Cornwall Centre’s marketing manager, said the center has been full since Black Friday.

“December was just such a fun month and Santa came on Black Friday and Black Friday always kind of starts the Christmas shopping,” she said.

Dockham said the Friday before Christmas and Christmas Eve are typically the mall’s two busiest days during the holiday season.

She said to prepare for the increase in customers, individual retailers are making sure they are fully staffed.

Dockham said it’s not just retailers who have full staff.

“We are fully staffed. Our management team is always on site. Our security teams are in full action to keep everyone safe. Our guest services team sells a lot of gift cards this time of year,” she said.

Dockham added that the mall will be open until 5pm on Saturday and will reopen at 8am on Boxing Day.

Elsewhere in Queen City, Sunshine and Ski is also noting that more people are coming to the store to do some Christmas shopping.

Owner Brian Sampson said this has been one of the busiest years the store has had since it opened 45 years ago.

“I think it gets very busy, so I’d have an early breakfast and whatever you need to shop for in Regina, I’d get up and get it done,” he said.

Sampson also expressed the importance of shopping locally.

“I really think this is a new experience to go shopping and enjoy and be together,” he said.

“The whole ‘Shop Local’ program has saved some businesses and I think it’s helped some businesses like ours to hold their ground and obviously grow.”

Dean Renwick also expects some business on Saturday.

Renwick said that while his design studio is no longer open, he is seeing an increase in gift cards.

“I have a feeling we’re going to get a few more. Some people have been looking online for unique gifts like this, so I have a feeling we’re going to get two or three more calls,” he said.

Renwick added that one of the calls he received was to make some house dresses for a woman’s mother.

He said he thinks people will be down on shopping this year because of the higher cost of living and rising inflation.

Renwick said in a way, that’s a good thing.

“We don’t have to worry about buying the biggest and best. I think we just have to learn to give from the heart,” he said.

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