Surprising Galaxy S24 deal gets you £600 off and massive free boost

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It’s been a massive week for Samsung with the Korean technology giant finally unveiling its new Galaxy S24 range of devices. These latest and greatest Android-powered call makers come packed with smart AI, improved screens and more power under their toughened designs. There are three to choose from including a standard S24, bigger S24+ and ultimate S24 Ultra which continues to get the S Pen tucked inside and a quad-rear camera on the rear case.

Now, you might be thinking you’ll need to spend big to own one of these devices but there is some good news. Samsung has announced a swathe of best Galaxy S24 deals and best Galaxy S24 Ultra deals which makes switching things up seem a little more affordable.

Firstly, there’s the offer of extra storage at no extra cost. For example, you can pick up the S24 with 256GB of storage and pay £799 – that’s a £60 saving. Grab the bigger 6.7-inch Galaxy S24+ with 512GB of memory and you’ll pay £999 which saves £100 off the standard price.

Go for the ultimate S24 Ultra and you’ll currently be able to pop the 512GB model in your shopping basket for £1,249 which also saves £100.

That double storage isn’t all. There’s also the option to trade-in in your old device and get money off something new. In fact, if you hand in your current Galaxy S23 Ultra, over £600 will be knocked off of the price of the S24 Ultra.


Galaxy S23 Plus • Up to £460

Galaxy S23 • Up to £410

Galaxy S22 Ultra • Up to £370

Galaxy S22 • Up to £290

iPhone 14 Pro Max • Up to £490

iPhone 14 Pro • Up to £390

iPhone 13 Pro Max • Up to £340

iPhone 12 Pro Max • Up to £230

There’s also the option to claim a year’s subscription to Disney+ as well.

Want to know more about these devices? We’ve got full details about the S24 range here.

As a quick reminder, the S24 range all get new AI features which offer easy photo editing and upgrades such as instant call translation. There’s even the ability to circle something in a photo, such as a place or item of clothing, and find out full details about it online.

Other extras include refreshed designs, brighter displays and faster processors with the Ultra getting an exclusive Galaxy version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.

The Ultra is also now made from Titanium and gets and finally ditches the curves for a flat display instead.


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